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Powder packing

  • Possibilities for fast-filling of big-bags, valve- or open-mouth-bags
  • Designed for both cocoa powder and cocoa cake
  • Low-air filling to prevent dust
  • Semi-automatic till full automatic packaging processes possible
  • Integration of metal detector, printer / labeler
Specifications / USP's
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Product Information

A lot of cocoa suppliers choose the valve bag due to its easy handling. Considering the nature, size and flow-characteristics of stabilized cocoa cake and powder, an impeller packer for a valve-bag is the most common type used in the industry. However, the open-mouth bag packaging machine is perfectly suitable for cocoa powder packaging applications with packaging volumes which do not justify an automatic packer. Many different packaging options can be offered, for filling of big-bags, valve-bags and open-mouth-bags.

Each packaging option with a choice of automation, from semi-automatic to full automatic.


Cocoa Powder Processing, Nut Powder Processing


Big bag packaging: 1000-6000 kg/hr, Valve-bag packaging: 1000-6000 kg/hr, Open-mouth bag packaging: 300-1000 kg/hr

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