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Discover Patented Log 5 Pasteurizer for Nuts & Seeds, Generation 7

The Log5 Pasteurizer offers a safe, natural and 100% chemical free pasteurization treatment for even the most fragile of nuts. Log5 reduction while maintaining the taste and structure of your  product – quality and safety in one sweep. This fully automated process allows for total traceability  and ensures a continuous flow of products in addition to consistent treatment of all the processed products. It’s an exclusive and patented process. Striving to end chemical pasteurization of nature’s finest, the process has been engineered to allow a smaller investment.

100% Natural

Chemical-free solution for pasteurizing

Stay true to the original

Maintain original product quality

Results are here to last

Increase the shelf life of your product

A quote from our customer:
‘We spent nigh on three years researching equipment and found only one manufacturer able to affect 5-log reduction or more without drastically changing the sunflower itself. Log5 gave us log reduction and its equipment retains the characteristics of the sunflower. We tested the equipment, ordered it and installed it in our Fargo, N.D. facility.’ Wes Dick, Sales Manager, CHS Sunflower