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Koog aan de Zaan (NL)


Roaster Showcase

In 2022, we hosted our first Roaster showcase in the factory of Koog aan de Zaan which
allowed us to showcase the Alkalizer, Drum Roaster, and Cooler. An amazing occasion to
share our expertise and innovations with our customers. In addition, customers could learn  about the specific benefits of Royal Duyvis Wiener’s Batch Nib Alkalizer, Roaster, and Cooler combination for their processing lines and see the equipment displayed in the factory.

The Roaster Showcase consisted of 3 main activities. First an foremost our customers were able to see the Batch Nib Roaster and Alkaliser, as they were showcased in the assembly hall. In addition, a digital version of the Batch Nib Cooler was on display. The Showcase also consisted  , an in-depth presentation of our latest roasting innovations. The Roaster Showcase ended in the Technology Center – the 2000sqm high tech playground.

“We are constantly looking for sustainable and smart innovation for our machines. This year, we
could patent the Roaster with our Thermotech Airflow System and we are proud to showcase it to our key customers.” Reiner Koelemeijer, Manager Engineering, Royal Duyvis Wiener.

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