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Whitepapers and infographics

The experts from the Food Technology team test the latest trends & developments on Royal Duyvis Wiener machines so you don’t have to. Have a look below at what is on offer. Infographics and whitepapers give you a summary of testing conditions and high-lever results. Want to take a deep dive in the test results? Reach out to the Training & Education team and request the full report or plan a meeting with one of our processing experts. 

Bring your own masterclass Taste the ingredient trend

Milk substitutes in Chocolate

First steps towards chocolate indulgence, vegan style!

In the Food & Beverage industry vegan is the buzzword at the moment. Consumers are looking for plant-based alternatives in all products, without compromising on taste, structure and the indulgence factor. Is it possible to combine chocolate indulgence and the vegan trend? We asked the experts of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Technology Center to dive into the world of vegan chocolate for our customers. They tested plant-based milk substitutes on the Wiener Ball Mill. The whitepaper gives you a summary.

Roasting Revelations

Comparing roasting options

Bean quality and roasting choices are key denominators in creating unique flavors and color development. Roasting cocoa beans or nibs develops the aroma and creates a signature liquor for chocolate manufacturers. Royal Duyvis Wiener offers both batch and continuous roasting methods, which we’ve compared to explore the relationship between roasting settings and product properties, including color, moisture content, taste, pH, fat loss, and press-ability of cocoa liquor. The infographic gives you a summary.

Chocolate trends

New chocolate innovations 2022 and beyond

Consumer trends mid-pandemic

In a fast-paced global market, it’s difficult to keep up with today’s everchanging consumer tastes and demands and there are many local and global drivers that are influencing these changes. Brands that stay head lead by emulating  credibility, being contemporary and innovative.To retain a competitive edge, is it paramount you stay informed and use a variety of sources to understand what is motivating consumer tastes and trends. This knowledge arms you with the data and wisdom to help you create value for your customers.

Duyvis Wiener nuts processing

Acrylamide prevention during nut roasting

Avoid Acrylamide formation

Over the last couple of years the formation of Acrylamide (AA) in food manufacturing has developed into a key topic in the food safety continuous improvement cycle. It is on the radar of both food & beverage manufacturers and food safety regulators. The EU has launched a program to reduce the content of AA in different food products. The first thresholds have been efined. For other product groups the European officials target at decreasing the occurrence and quantities in processed foods.

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The latest trend in Food & Beverage: Vegan Indulgence!

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Create unique flavors through bean quality and roasting processes!

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Acrylamide: key topic in the food safety continuous improvement cycle

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