Excellent innovation, global services

Founded back in 1885 and headquartered in Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands, Royal Duyvis Wiener are one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the global cocoa, chocolate and nuts & seeds processing industry. Providing industrial solutions to the biggest companies in the market, Royal Duyvis Wiener supplies state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to facilitate the complete production process from bean to bar, helping their customers to reduce production costs, save energy and minimize downtime for maximum efficiency.

State of the art solutions for all processing needs

The Royal Duyvis Wiener group is well-known across the globe as solution provider in every industrial environment, in particular in the cocoa and chocolate industry. For either lab or large-scale production, single machines or turnkey processing plants, we offer multiple solutions for the complete cocoa – and chocolate production process.

Full service guaranteed

The Royal Duyvis Wiener service does not stop at selling machinery. The full service concept allows you to dip into our food technology and application expertise to select the best equipment for your process. We also offer service and maintenance to ensure the best machine life-cycle and have spare parts for all our machines and more. From immediate support during down time to application and engineering, our in-house service team is at your disposal. We have offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia and Brazil, and a global agent network.

Innovation is the key driver

Our team of engineers, technical and process development experts always have an eye out for sustainable production processes and innovative solutions. The Technology Center in Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands combines our processing knowledge with your product needs. It facilitates customers’ product development by testing specific recipes on Royal Duyvis Wiener machines.

We care

Royal Duyvis Wiener is very proud to carry the Royal designation, bestowed on us in 2011. Strongly rooted in the oldest industrial area of the Netherlands, sharing with  the community has always been top of the list of the founders. Via the PM Duyvis Foundation we support local initiatives to further the community – ranging from local parks and children’s activities to supporting the elderly in the community.

In our innovation goals, sustainability is a strong driver. In recent years a number of patented solutions have been launched to reduce both energy usage and waste. Royal Duyvis Wiener machines are globally known as the cream of the crop in durability, further improved by the strong focus on easy maintenance and automated solutions.

Meet our CEO

Theo Pouw is Royal Duyvis Wiener’s CEO since January 2019. With a longstanding record in C-suite positions he is no stranger to leading global businesses on the road to success.

He is fascinated by the exceptional role Royal Duyvis Wiener plays in the cocoa, chocolate and nuts & seeds processing equipment industry. He is also proud of the dedication and ambition of the colleagues in the leadership team and all the talented colleagues around the world.

Theo PouwRoyal Duyvis Wiener operates in a niche market, where skill and expertise is key. This is what makes Royal Duyvis Wiener stand out. Smart solutions and innovative technologies that ensure the very best results for our global customers. The process is a combination of high capacity, more sustainability and less human interference, without compromising on what drives us all, a high quality product.