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Conchology training- unveiling the secrets of the conche

13 – 16 June, 2023 – Koog aan de Zaan
The conche is considered to be the epicenter of the chocolate production plant. It’s the key piece of equipment to fine tune the right flavor and structure of your chocolate.  What happens during this time consuming process? How and where can you speed this up? This training will unveil the secrets of the conching process and help you take the reins on all influencing external factors that impact your end product.

Conchology training RDW


Topics include

Participant fee € 3150,-

*Discounts apply when booking 2 slots or more

Into the conche

Let’s take a deep dive into the magic world of the conch. Learn about the science behind conching, the difference between a 1-shaft conche and a 3-shaft conche is and the significant role  of moisture and temperature.

Dry conching principle

The dry conching principle covers the first two phases of conching. The conching experts will take you by the hand through this specific phase, which has a defining role in developing structure and flavor.

Processing and operational settings

Work through all phases of the conching process with the specialists and learn about the wide array of choices you have in the process. Use all your senses to find the right fit for your specific end product.

Services include:

Course documentation
Refreshments and   lunch
Team dinner 2nd day

Conching alternatives

There are alternatives to the traditional way of conching. In the training room you will learn about the differences, in the pilot plant you can test the alternatives hands-on. Your taste buds are also included in the training.

Sensory evaluation with market samples ​

It’s not just about science. An important part of conchology is the sensory evaluation based on a selection of market samples. It’s all about finding the process that leads to your envisioned end result.

Roy Smith – Manager Technology Center

Your trainer

Roy Smith Food Acadamy Specialist

Roy Smith trained at the Van Hall Institute in Food Science and Technology and has a longstanding career in the  cocoa and chocolate industry. After roles at key players in the industry, e.g. Verkade, Barry Callebaut and ADM, Roy joined Royal Duyvis Wiener in 2016 as lead Food Technologist.

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Additional information about Covid 19:
We take are taking all precautionary measures  to ensure a safe environment. Group sizes are limited to 10 participants. All guidelines provided by the Dutch government will be adhered to.