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Precision. Passion. Cocoa.

Cost-Efficiency Maximizers
Our cocoa processing equipment is designed to optimize cost efficiency, helping you achieve higher profitability by minimizing operational expenses without compromising quality.

Capacity Champions
Experience unparalleled productivity with our high-capacity solutions, enabling you to process large volumes of cocoa with exceptional speed and precision, ensuring your production keeps up with the growing demands of the market.

Service Excellence Pioneers
We are pioneers in providing unparalleled support, backed by our dedicated team and comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring optimal performance, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Next-Gen Cocoa Processing: Unleashing Innovations for Superior Quality

Our cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment are designed to optimize every step of the cocoa processing journey. From advanced roasting and refining to precise conching and packaging, our machinery is engineered to deliver consistent and superior results. With Duyvis Wiener as your trusted partner, you can elevate your cocoa processing capabilities, ensuring the highest quality output and staying ahead in a competitive market. Experience the power of innovation and unlock the full potential of your cocoa production with Duyvis Wiener.

Duyvis Press Generation 7

Radical changes in the engineering of this press have led to equally radical safety benefits. By turning pots and counter pots and eliminating the hammer beam this machines is top rank for operator and food safety.

The best pressing capacity in the business has just been stepped up a notch. Improve your pressing capacity while reducing your energy usage. The new Duyvis Press comes with remote performance monitoring for even greater efficiency.

The best pressing capacity in the business has just been stepped up a notch. Improve your pressing capacity while reducing your energy usage. The new Duyvis press comes with remote performance monitoring for even greater efficiency.

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Cocoa Processing

Bean Cleaning

Intake, Cleaning & Weighing

Our state-of-the-art Intake, Cleaning & Weighing solutions ensure impeccable cocoa quality through efficient and precise processes, guaranteeing superior end products for our valued customers worldwide.

Breaking & Winnowing

Experience the pinnacle of cocoa processing with our advanced Breaking and Winnowing technology, delivering superior separation and unparalleled efficiency for perfect cocoa nibs, elevating your chocolate creations to new heights.

Sterilization process

Sterilization & Alkalization

Elevate the quality of your cocoa with our cutting-edge Sterilization & Alkalization solutions. Harnessing innovative technology, we ensure optimal cocoa flavor and shelf life, empowering you to create exquisite chocolate products that delight the senses.


Achieve perfect cocoa flavor with our advanced roasting solutions. Our cutting-edge technology unlocks the rich and aromatic potential of cocoa beans, empowering you to create exquisite chocolate creations with ease.

Continuous Roaster


Unlock the true essence of cocoa with our state-of-the-art grinding technology. Transform cocoa beans into a silky smooth chocolate liquor, laying the foundation for exceptional and delectable chocolate creations.


Unlock the full potential of cocoa processing with our cutting-edge pressing solutions. Experience the extraction of superior cocoa butter from cocoa mass, ensuring unparalleled quality, efficiency, and precision in your chocolate production processes.

Cocoa Butter Press
Cake grinding Classifier Mill

Cake Handling

Effortlessly handle cocoa cakes with our specialized solutions. Our innovative technology streamlines the cake handling process, ensuring optimal efficiency and precision in cocoa production, enabling you to create exceptional chocolate products with ease.

Butter Handling

Optimize butter handling in cocoa processing with our advanced solutions. Our innovative technology ensures seamless efficiency and precision, empowering you to create exceptional chocolate products effortlessly.

Butter Blocking Line

Unveiling the Cocoa & Chocolate Chronicles

Cocoa bean to butter | Royal Duyvis Wiener

Cocoa bean: Butter production, applications & benefits

Discover the advantages and applications of cocoa butter. This butter is a versatile and popular ingredient in both the food and beauty industries. This pale yellow vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans is renowned for its unique aroma reminiscent of chocolate and its smooth texture.

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Cocoa bean fermentation process

Understanding the cocoa bean fermentation process

Did you know that the quality and flavor of chocolate depend on the fermentation process of cocoa beans? The cocoa bean fermentation step is crucial in the chocolate production process, and it affects the taste, texture, and aroma of chocolate. In this article, we will

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Cocoa nibs grinder

Everything you need to know about the cocoa nibs grinder

Chocolate is an indulgent treat that has been enjoyed by many for centuries. Whether you are a chocolate manufacturer or a craft chocolate entrepreneur, you understand the importance of the cocoa nibs grinder in the chocolate making process. This machine is responsible for grinding cocoa

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Masterclass the cocoa practicum RDW

An overview of advanced cocoa processing machinery

Cocoa processing is a complex and essential process for the chocolate industry. The primary cocoa processing equipment includes roasting machines, peeling and grinding machines, pressing machines, and powder making machines. With the increasing demand for high-quality chocolates and cocoa powders, the need for advanced cocoa

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The process from cocoa beans to chocolate

The process from cocoa beans to chocolate

As you all know, chocolate is one of the most popular sweet foods in the world, enjoyed by millions every day. It comes in many forms, from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, flavored chocolate to plain chocolate, and is used in various ways, from baking

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The art and science behind cocoa grinding explained

The art and science behind cocoa grinding explained

Cocoa grinding is a critical step in the chocolate making process. It is the process of grinding roasted cocoa beans to produce chocolate liquor, which forms the base for all chocolate products. While the cocoa grinding process might seem straightforward, it is a complex and

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Bean to bar machinery

Discovering the secrets behind bean to bar machinery

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How does cocoa processing work

How does cocoa bean processing work?

If you are a chocolate lover, you may have wondered about the journey of cocoa beans from the cacao tree to your favorite chocolate product. The process of cocoa bean processing is complex and involves several stages, including fermentation, drying, roasting, and blending. In this

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