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Cost-Efficiency Maximizers
Our chocolate processing equipment is designed to optimize cost efficiency, helping you achieve higher profitability by minimizing operational expenses without compromising quality.

Capacity Champions
Experience unparalleled productivity with our high-capacity solutions, enabling you to process large volumes of chocolate with exceptional speed and precision, ensuring your production keeps up with the growing demands of the market.

Service Excellence Pioneers
We are pioneers in providing unparalleled support, backed by our dedicated team and comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring optimal performance, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Revolutionary Chocolate Processing: Pioneering Excellence with Cutting-Edge Techniques

Our avant-garde technologies and cutting-edge equipment are meticulously engineered to optimize each phase of the chocolate processing voyage. From state-of-the-art roasting and refining to meticulous conching and packaging, our machinery guarantees unwavering excellence. With Duyvis Wiener as your reliable collaborator, you can enhance your chocolate processing prowess, producing unparalleled quality and staying at the forefront of the competitive market. Discover the power of innovation and unlock the boundless potential of your chocolate production with Duyvis Wiener.

Thouet 5 Roll Refiner

The new Thouet 5 Roll Refiners prioritize operator convenience and safety. With their intricate transparent design, operators can easily and safely view the refining process in action. This enhanced visibility empowers operators to make informed decisions, ensuring precise and superior cocoa refining outcomes. Experience the pinnacle of innovation with Thouet 5 Roll Refiner for unparalleled chocolate processing excellence.

The new Thouet 5 Roll Refiners embody our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Purposefully designed, these innovative machines significantly reduce energy usage and waste during chocolate refining. By integrating advanced technologies and optimizing efficiency, our 5 Roll Refiners not only deliver superior results but also contribute to a more environmentally responsible chocolate processing industry. Experience the perfect balance of innovation and sustainability with the Thouet 5 Roll Refiner, setting new benchmarks for excellence in chocolate processing.

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Traditional. Chocolean. Q-Choc.

Traditional Processing
The traditional method of making chocolate involves refining the chocolate using a roll refiner, which is a well-known and widely used technique.

Chocolean Processing
The ‘modern’ method or Chocolean of chocolate making involves a refining process that utilizes either batch or continuous processing.

Q-Choc Processing
The ‘Q-choc’ method creates precise chocolate through continuous or batch processing. It utilizes mixers, ball mills, and a liquid conche to meet standards.

Chocolate Processing

Solid Ingredient Handling and Dosing

Ingredient Handling

The ingredient handling is a solution linking the hoppers for solid ingredients to the dosing system for liquid ingredients to reduce manual labor. This production process maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk of errors or inconsistencies.


Our process ensures seamless blending of ingredients for compound and chocolate processing. With customizable mixing options, achieve optimal performance and superior quality in every batch.

Pre-Refining Ball Mill


Experience unrivaled pre-refining with our two exceptional solutions. Tailor the process to achieve superior performance and quality. Elevate your capabilities with our innovative offerings.


Achieve the desired end-fineness by refining the pre-ground chocolate mass. Choose between our two customizable solutions: the 5 Roll Refiner and the Ball Mill. Unleash exceptional results tailored to your needs.

Duyvis Wiener Ball Mill Generation7


Conching, a specialized process for chocolate and confectionery products, is crafted to bring forth the desired flavor, texture, and aroma. It enhances the rheology and dehumidifies the chocolate, resulting in a superior product.

Unveiling the Chocolate Chronicles

The process from cocoa beans to chocolate

The process from cocoa beans to chocolate

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Bean to bar machinery

Discovering the secrets behind bean to bar machinery

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From cocoa bean to bar

Bean to Bar Machinery

Discover the complex process of chocolate manufacturing: from bean to bar Chocolate is a well-known treat across the globe, and the chocolate sector has seen a continuous increase in demand over time. The process of producing chocolate, which encompasses a range of chocolate products, is

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How do you choose the right chocolate mixer?

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Tempering Machine for chocolate production

Tempering machines for industrial chocolate production

Tempering machines are not only useful for small chocolate production facilities or home use, but also for industrial chocolate production. Industrial chocolate tempering machines have larger bowl capacity, typically made of high-quality stainless steel to ensure durability and ease of cleaning. These machines are equipped

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Chocolate Machinery - 5 roll refiner

Chocolate machinery: high-quality chocolate production

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Thouet 5 roll refiner

Thouet 5 Roll Refiner

Royal Duyvis Wiener has strong roots in traditional chocolate processing with the Thouet brand. Their passion for the product combined with smart customer-driven engineering solutions made the fundament for the new 5 Roll Refiner, which will be available in January 2023. In addition to delivering

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