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Cost-Efficiency Maximizers
Our nuts processing equipment is designed to optimize cost efficiency, helping you achieve higher profitability by minimizing operational expenses without compromising quality.

Capacity Champions
Experience unparalleled productivity with our high-capacity solutions, enabling you to process large volumes of nuts with exceptional speed and precision, ensuring your production keeps up with the growing demands of the market.

Service Excellence Pioneers
We are pioneers in providing unparalleled support, backed by our dedicated team and comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring optimal performance, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Revolutionary Nuts Processing: Unlocking Innovations for Exceptional Quality

Experience the pinnacle of nuts processing with our groundbreaking technologies and cutting-edge equipment. Designed to optimize every stage of the journey, from advanced roasting and refining to meticulous packaging, our machinery guarantees consistent and superior results. Partner with Duyvis Wiener to enhance your nuts processing capabilities, ensuring the highest quality output and staying ahead in a competitive market. Embrace the power of innovation and unleash the full potential of your nuts production with Duyvis Wiener.

Duyvis Press Generation 7

Radical changes in the engineering of this press have led to equally radical safety benefits. By turning pots and counter pots and eliminating the hammer beam this machines is top rank for operator and food safety.

The best pressing capacity in the business has just been stepped up a notch. Improve your pressing capacity while reducing your energy usage. The new Duyvis Press comes with remote performance monitoring for even greater efficiency.

The best pressing capacity in the business has just been stepped up a notch. Improve your pressing capacity while reducing your energy usage. The new Duyvis press comes with remote performance monitoring for even greater efficiency.

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Nuts Processing

Weighubg de-shelled nuts


Unleash Flawless Precision: Our Weighing Section ensures efficient and precise monitoring, optimizing process efficiency and maintaining consistent product quality in nut processing.


Revolutionize Nut Pasteurization with Log5: Achieve safe, chemical-free treatment while preserving taste and structure, ensuring quality, safety, efficiency, and traceability in a patented, fully automated process that ends chemical pasteurization.

Log5 Pasteurizer
Continuous Roaster nuts roasting

Continuous Roasting

Elevate Nut Roasting with our Continuous Roaster: Achieve gentle and precise roasting that enhances color, moisture content, and flavor development, while safeguarding the integrity of the product.


Harness the versatility of roasted nuts as they transform into exquisite nut butter. With our two-stage grinding process, consisting of pre-grinding and fine-grinding, we offer innovative solutions for exceptional results.

Pre-Refining Ball Mill
Nut butter press


Our innovative press efficiently separates nut oil from solids by applying pressure on nut butter. The oil is carefully extracted via plates and screens, while solids become a press cake on the screens. Enjoy superior separation with our advanced technology.

Cake Handling

The Log5 system efficiently converts nut press cake into flour. The three-step handling involves breaking cake disks, cooling them and then pulverizing for best results. Enjoy this streamlined process.

Cake grinding Classifier Mill

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