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Where steel and chocolate come together

Working at Duyvis Wiener


Our People


Peter Oussoren 
International Sales Manager

“Sales is part of my DNA. I enjoy working with my customers and finding the best solutions for their processing queries. Representing Royal Duyvis Wiener is the icing on the cake, where I can actually see what I’ve sold leaving
the factory.”


Mounir el Founti 
International Sales Manager

“Cocoa and chocolate are considered as the food from the gods in the Aztec culture. Working in this industry for Royal Duyvis Wiener is really rewarding: it’s working for a noble ingredient and transforming into perfection thanks to our technology.”

Rene de Vries - International Sales Manager

René de Vries 
International Sales Manager
“It’s always about finding the best solutions for our customers. Relationship is key in our field, I met one of my top customers way back when I was a commissioning engineer and we are still
working on business

Alexander accountmanager royal duyvis wiener

Alexander Khoroshkov  International Sales Manager
“There’s nothing like working in sales on a global level. You are reinventing yourself and your sales conversations every time to step into a new country with a different culture. It’s very similar to chocolate – different flavors all over the world.”

This is who we are

Royal Duyvis Wiener is the world’s leading manufacturer within the global cocoa, chocolate and nuts & seeds processing industry. Providing industrial solutions to the biggest companies in the market, Royal Duyvis Wiener supplies state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to facilitate the complete production process.

who we are

Why Choose Royal Duyvis Wiener

Contribute to tailor made solutions

Every customer is looking for that unique taste sensation in the end product. This makes every process a one of a kind solution to match the customers’ requirements in capacity, taste and structure in always varying circumstances.
Every day brings something new!

Customer Centric

Your focus is always on your customers’ process lines. How can you increase production, reduce costs, improve product quality. Either onsite or behind the desk – ranging from providing new equipment and solutions to top-of-the-bill maintenance keeping the Royal Duyvis Wiener machine park on par.

Roam the world

Suffering from itchy feet? The is no need to stay behind the desk 24/7. With a true global reach Royal Duyvis Wiener has customers in every corner of the world. We offer you the opportunity to become a globetrotter.
Bring that Royal Duyvis Wiener vibe to our customers!

Taste the trend!

Did you know the vast majority of chocolate bars you’ll find in the grocery store are touched by a Royal Duyvis Wiener machine? Join us in a world where chocolate and steel collide. Learn all about our equipment  and as a bonus, your taste buds will be included in the training to taste the trends

Did we spark your interest? Or maybe you have more questions about vacancies?

Reach out to our recruitment officer Maaike.

Maaike Punt de Ruijter
Board & HR Assistant
+31 756 126 123

Did we spark your interest?

Supporter of Education

Tetrix Partner
Tetrix students

Educating the future generation on cocoa, chocolate and technology is part of our sustainability program. That’s why we are actively participating in the Tetrix technical school to shape the leaders of tomorrow. 

Learn on the job

Education is a key driver for
Royal Duyvis Wiener. Are you looking
for an internship or BBL apprenticeship
in the factory? We have open positions in both the office and the factory.

Life-long learning
business success curve

We strongly believe that learning  and development is of key importance throughout all phases of your career. Employees are the driving force behind our company and we want everyone to succeed.

Check our open vacancies and apply now

Reach out to Monique van der Linden, our recruitment officer. She can also let you know about available internships.

Open Vacancies

Full time
Project Manager

Orkestreer als Project Manager bij Royal Duyvis Wiener complexe projecten naar een succesvolle finale!

Full time
Automation Engineer

Word jij enthousiast van het ontwikkelen van nieuwe software voor onze machines en streef je naar optimaal resultaat?

Full time / Part time
Finance assistant

Als Finance Assistant ben je primair verantwoordelijk voor een adequaat crediteurenbeheer.

Full time

Selecteer nieuwe leveranciers, werk mee aan het inkoopbeleid en bewaak afspraken.

Full time / Part time
Sales Engineer

Combineer jij graag jouw technische kennis met commercie en ben jij een spin in het web?

Full time
BBL Leertrajecten

Leer de kneepjes van het vak op de fabrieksvloer! Combineer theorie en praktijk via het BBL traject.

Full time / Part time
Verschillende stages

Leer de kneepjes van het vak in afstudeer- of meeloopstages in verschillende vakgebieden.