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Founded back in 1885 and headquartered in Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands, Royal Duyvis Wiener are one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the global cocoa, chocolate and nuts & seeds processing industry. Providing industrial solutions to the biggest companies in the market, Royal Duyvis Wiener supplies state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to facilitate the complete production process from bean to bar, helping their customers to reduce production costs, save energy and minimize downtime for maximum efficiency.


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Technology Center

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Customer Testing

Test your recipe innovations on a smaller scale on the state-of the-art equipment in the Technology Center, a unique 2000 m2, full scale pilot plant to support any project from cocoa bean processing to small scale compound and chocolate manufacturing. Walk away with all the data you need and get the expert advice from the Food Technologists.

Research & Development Cocoa and Chocolate Processing Equipment

Research & Development

Following trend & developments in the food & beverage industry ingredients and processing methods change. Want to stay ahead of the curve on what’s happening in the industry and how that affects your processing solutions? We test our machines so you don’t have to. Results are shared via webinars, whitepapers and more. Watch this space for more…

Research & Development Cocoa and Chocolate Processing Equipment
Training customers how to process cocoa and chocolate products

Training & Education

Want to tap into the expert knowledge of the Royal Duyvis Food Technology team? Take a pick from the extensive training program! There is a wide array of training available, ranging from introduction courses for starters in the food & beverage industry to expert sessions and bring-your-own masterclasses. Prefer a bespoke training program? Reach out to discuss the options.


Repair & maintenance

With decades of experience in the cocoa and chocolate industry we have the knowledge …


We supply high quality parts for Royal Duyvis Wiener equipment as well as parts for other makes ..

Modifications & revisions

With our very latest technical modifications we can upgrade your existing machinery to …

Inspection & training

Our Service Engineers carry out thorough site inspections. This results in a report, containing …


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Thouet 5 Roll Refiner

Thouet 5 Roll Refiner Gen7 chocolate processing equipment

“The 5-Roll Refiner delivers top-notch quality end product, while rolls are interchangeable with all main brand sets.”

Roaster Showcase

Batch Nib Roaster - cocoa processing equipment

“Showcasing the Batch Nib Roaster, combining best capacity in the business with sustainable choices.”

Log5 Pasteurizer

Log 5 pasteurizer - Nuts & Seeds processing

“Get that all natural, chemical free and food safe 5-log reduction, solution now available for smaller budgets.”


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VCA Certification
ISO 9001 Certification

PROBAT acquires Royal Duyvis Wiener and significantly strengthens its position in the cocoa and chocolate sector

Emmerich, Germany, March 5, 2024: Following the recent integration of AC Horn Manufacturing, PROBAT now announces the acquisition of Royal Duyvis Wiener, one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the global cocoa, chocolate, and nuts & seeds processing industry. This step underlines once more the expansion strategy of the world market leader for roasting plant and machinery and is an impressive demonstration of the growth potential of the group.

With the integration of Royal Duyvis Wiener, PROBAT strengthens its position in product and process innovation and expands its technological lead in the food processing sector. To exploit synergies and create integrated solutions for cross-segment projects, the technology transfer between the individual group members will now be significantly intensified. The aim is to further increase market share in the global cocoa and chocolate sector.

Founded in 1885 as a machine factory for cranes, lifts, and bridges, Royal Duyvis Wiener is now known worldwide as a solution provider, especially in the cocoa and chocolate industry. From laboratory to large-scale production, from individual machines to turnkey processing plants, the company from the Zaan region of the Netherlands offers a wide range of products and solutions for the entire cocoa and chocolate production process. Quality and longevity are the company’s hallmarks. They are shared with PROBAT. In the recent past, however, the company had to face considerable structural challenges. With PROBAT’s strong backbone, it will soon be back on the road to success.

After the recent integration of AC Horn, the acquisition of Royal Duyvis Wiener with its unique product portfolio is another milestone on our way to becoming a dominant force in the coffee, cocoa, chocolate, and nut processing industries. PROBAT is the undisputed world market leader in plant and machinery for coffee refinement with more than two centuries of process engineering expertise. Together with Duyvis Wiener, we will create synergies that will shape the future of the cocoa and chocolate industry. The acquisition process has also been challenging in terms of time and content. We are grateful to have FAI as a partner who supported us with their expertise,” says PROBAT CEO Wim Abbing.

With this acquisition, PROBAT will continue to meet the constantly evolving needs of customers in the international food sector with innovative solutions and unsurpassed quality.