Leading test facilities, Profitable research, Remarkable development

Royal Duyvis Wiener is dedicated to food processing with the highest standard in cocoa, compound and chocolate equipment. From traditional processing and proven technologies to innovative next generation processes, Royal Duyvis Wiener is set up for the future with you. As the supplier for true bean to bar equipment, whether to start from gourmet business, for small runs and a maximum on flexibility or a complete industrial turn key factory for high quality products , Royal Duyvis Wiener is your partner. To further increase support for our customers, Royal Duyvis Wiener has a state-of-the-art Technology Center. A unique 2000 m2, full scale pilot plant to support any project from cocoa bean processing to small scale compound and chocolate manufacturing.

Food Academy

The Royal Duyvis Wiener Food Academy is dedicated for our partners development, testing food products or process configurations. It’s possible to perform trials at different machine configuration or with different settings of a machine, to see, on a small scale, what the impact is on your products.

Whether you make a compound coating with specific fats, a traditional indulgent chocolate or if you’re working with nuts and seeds, our technology team can assist in creating the best recipe. Or you can study with them the energy consumption of your machines and look for improvement. Our team can support to get the best solution, combine application requirements with the best processing set up for your products. Our Food Academy has all equipment in one place. You can challenge your process settings or investigate new options. Working with us allows to do more trials in the same time and move your development forward. Finding the ultimate solution for your application by testing and developing innovative equipment.

Research-led custom design

Our food academy provides the best possible services in the three crucial fields of research, analysis, and expertise. The production process is thus underpinned by up-to-the-minute expertise and equipment, and is guided continually by specialised research, bespoke recipe development, and the highest standards of training.

We deploy a wide spectrum of research, even when we are dealing with very special cases (researching and testing sugar-free chocolates for instance). Our teams also specialise in the professional testing of oily seeds and nuts such as peanuts, as well as sesame and shea seeds. Tempering equipment is installed at  Royal Duyvis Wiener’s Food Academy  for the tempering of cocoa butter and liquor as well as cocoa powder. DSC graphs are used to monitor tempering results with the utmost accuracy, whilst fineness results are analysed using the latest Sympatec laser diffraction equipment.

State of the art technology

At Royal Duyvis Wiener we’ve developed a leading test facility comprising state of the art technology. Our groundbreaking food academy is placed at your disposal when you become one of our customers. No matter how specific or unique a client’s requirements are, we will ensure that the relevant tests and trials are conducted professionally.
Our experienced technical experts utilise our optimum-quality equipment to analyse any type of chocolate, cream, or compound that you wish. This means that you will receive the best possible advice with respect to the development of cocoa and chocolate products, as well as creams and compounds for your needs.
Our food academy is dedicated to research, making them sites where theoretical knowledge, technical expertise, and a customer-centred ethic seamlessly combine. A unique aspect of these centres is our recipe and parameter database, which contains historical and research-derived data. Both technology centres have their own specialities.

Cocoa and Chocolate processing 

The Cocoa and Chocolate introduction course will give you unique insight into the world of processing chocolate and cocoa. The training combines theoretical sessions on cocoa and chocolate in the morning and hands-on training with the machines and the product in the afternoon. There will be plenty of variation to keep you occupied. Put your knowledge to the test with actual Royal Duyvis Machinery.  As an added bonus, taste bud stimulation will be included in the training.



Leading test facilities, Profitable research, Remarkable development

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