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Koog aan de Zaan (NL)

Vega Truck at Duyvis Wiener - Cocoa and chocolate processing equipment

VEGA TRUCK lands at Royal Duyvis Wiener for 2 days of educational extravaganza

Royal Duyvis Wiener welcomed the VEGA TRUCK on their premises for 2 days of education, information and live demonstrations about innovation in the field of measurement technology. Regional Food & Beverage and OEM industry engineers were invited to join this experience.

VEGA has proven to be a trailblazer in measurement technology development over the recent years. The VEGA TRUCK showcases a wide variety of functional VEGA instruments. All of them fully connected, allowing demonstrations under very realistic conditions. The program was complemented with insights on IO sensors shared by SICK, a specialist in senor intelligence.

As part of the full experience, all guests were also given an a tour in the Royal Duyvis Wiener Technology Center to learn about the latest innovations in cocoa and chocolate processing. The Technology Center is a showcase of Royal Duyvis Wiener hospitality.

Koog aan de Zaan may seem like a small village to some, but for us it was on obvious stop during our tour in the Netherlands. The Zaan area is an important industrial HUB and where would one rather set foot than in the heart of the cocoa industry? We were able to meet up with the movers and shakers of the regional OEM industry. Ihsan Tuncer, Accountmanager, VEGA

It was a pleasure to host the VEGA TRUCK experience at Royal Duyvis Wiener. VEGA has been a supplier for many years and delivers the same quality services to our customers. Great information and live demonstrations in the truck gave us solid new insights in their services. As a bonus, we were the talk of the town in Koog aan de Zaan, the VEGA TRUCK with Transformer qualities was quite the attraction. Leah Barsema, Manager Marketing & Sales Support, Royal Duyvis Wiener