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Machinery factory duyvis wiener

Trias/Tetrix students tour the Royal Duyvis Wiener factory

The Royal Duyvis Wiener factory welcomed a group of Trias/Tetrix students for a tour of the factory. These students have a keen interest in engineering and technology. All factory areas were explored, from the press brake and CNC machines via assembly to the warehouse. And it wasn’t just looking and listening, they were also able to do some hands-on work in the factory to get a live feel of working in a factory like Royal Duyvis Wiener.

Plant manager Tim Bootsman explains “These kids are the employees of the future. We are always on the lookout for skilled colleagues. We want to show them the wide array of opportunities they have with their technical diploma under their belt.”

Machinery factory duyvis wiener
School students factory duyvis wiener
School students visit factory

Of course it was safety first in the factory – safety shoes, glasses and high visibility vests and under full supervision

Tour in the Technology Center
After the run through the factory the student learned about the cocoa and chocolate processing lines in the Technology Center. The Technology Center houses all the Royal Duyvis Wiener equipment in Compact sizes. A great opportunity to see what machinery is needed from bean to bar.