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Precision. Passion. Cocoa.

Guaranteed Food Safety
Pre-processing and cleaning of cocoa beans is essential to remove any foreign material that may cause food safety concerns. Eradicate any foreign materials that should be excluded form the cocoa processing.

Consistency and Quality Control
Intake, cleaning and weighing allow you to ensure that the cocoa beans ready for processing are free from contaminants such as stones, metal and other foreign materials. Have consistent product quality from the get-go.

Accurate Weighing
Accurate weighing of cocoa beans is crucial to ensure that the correct amount of beans are used for processing. It also allows for full traceability from the start of the process.

Control, Food safety, Quality

The system of intake, cleaning, and weighing is designed to guarantee of food safety and ensure that the raw materials are free from foreign materials offering the highest quality ingredients for use in production and guaranteeing that the correct amount of each ingredient is utilized.

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Bean intake process steps

Bean Cleaning

Phase 1: Intake

Depending on their capacity and design, cocoa beans are transported in bulk, by truck, or in bags. This section includes a dumping pit or de-bagging and storage area, from which the beans are then supplied for cleaning in order to achieve optimal results.

Phase 2: Cleaning

The initial step involves removing as many contaminants such as plastic, metal, ropes, husks, stones and other foreign materials from the raw cocoa beans delivered to ensure clean beans, ready for processing.

Bean Cleaning
Bean Cleaning

Phase 3: Weighing

For operational yield calculations and quality assessment, it’s critical to weigh the beans prior to processing.

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