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Contaminant Reduction
Contamination in the pre-process tends to stick to the shell. With good shell removal, the level of contaminants like heavy metals or pesticide residues is reduced.

Separation of Nibs from the Shells
The breaker and winnower is equipped with pre-sieves and breakers, which enable an unmatched separation between cocoa shells and nibs. In fact, the machine achieves less than 0.5% of nibs in the shell and less than 1% of shell in the nib.

Service Excellence Pioneers
We are pioneers in providing unparalleled support, backed by our dedicated team and comprehensive after-sales service, ensuring optimal performance, customer satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Efficient Cocoa Processing: Breaking and Winnowing at 5000 kg/hr

Breaking and winnowing are two crucial stages in the cocoa processing chain. During the breaking process, the cocoa beans are cracked open to separate the inner cocoa nibs from the outer shells. Winnowing then follows, where the fragmented shells are removed, leaving only the valuable cocoa nibs behind. Throughout this procedure, the machinery used can handle up to a capacity of 5000 kg/hr, ensuring efficient and swift processing of large quantities of cocoa beans.

Key features

Optimized separation using our unique cascade wind sifting system yields increased productivity of the plant and reduced wear downstream, as different fractions are separated more effectively. During the process, the large cocoa nib particles and shell particles are seperated, and the remaining mixture of nibs and shells is fed into the winnower.

Cocoa beans are processed multiple stages of breaking and sieving results to obtain both precision in particle sizing and production of larger-sized particles. Nibs are subsequently classified by intricate sieving structure.

Beans from different origins will vary in size and shell content. The adjustable sieving feature separates shells and nibs to perfection, efficient and precise. Only your selection of top-notch cocoa nibs are used in the following processing steps.

The machine’s automated process of airflow and vibration separates husks, shells and cocoa nibs quickly and consistently, reducing the need for manual labor and decreasing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies in the final product.

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Breaking & Winnowing process steps


The first step in the process is to break the whole cocoa beans into smaller pieces of nib and shell, which makes it easier to separate the outer shell from the cocoa nib.


Once the cocoa beans have been broken into smaller pieces, the next step is to separate the outer shell from the cocoa nib. This is done using a process called winnowing, which relies on the difference in weight between the shell and the nib. In winnowing, the broken cocoa beans and shells are sieved and passed through a stream of air, which takes the lighter shell up, while the nib drops down.

Uniformity for the Grinding Process
By using various sieves and breakers, the cocoa beans are gently broken into uniformed sized parts. This ensures that the nibs are of a consistent size and weight. The gentle breaking method minimizes dust created during the process.

Flavor Impact
Shell influences the flavor of the cocoa. Too much shell give a musty flavor to the cocoa liquor, also impacting the flavor of the processed end product. The winnower will give you full control over nibs in shell and shell in nibs.

Less Wear & Tear
By breaking down the cocoa beans into relatively big pieces, the separation between shells and nib is unmatched. The hard shells are removed thus decreasing the amount of wear and tear that occurs over time.

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