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Fève de cacao : production de beurre, applications et avantages

Discover the advantages and applications of cocoa butter. This butter is a versatile and popular ingredient in both the food and beauty industries. This pale yellow vegetable fat extracted from cocoa beans is renowned for its unique aroma reminiscent of chocolate and its smooth texture. Cocoa butter is an important component in chocolate-making, and it is also used in many beauty-care products for its skin nourishing properties. In this article, we will deep dive in its production process, the benefits and applications of cocoa butter, and the chemistry of cocoa beans.

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Production of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans, which are primarily grown in West Africa, with Ghana and Ivory Coast being the largest producers. The first step in cocoa butter production is the cocoa bean roasting line. Roasting beans enhances their flavor and aroma, which is essential for chocolate-making. After roasting, the beans are ground into a coarse cocoa powder and processed into cocoa mass, also known as chocolate liquor. The chocolate liquor is then subjected to a hydraulic press, which separates the cocoa solids from the cocoa butter. The cocoa butter is then purified to remove any unwanted residue and is odorless. Cocoa butter can be produced through different processes, such as the expeller process, solvent extraction process, and continuous expeller presses.

Applications of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is an excellent ingredient in chocolate-making due to its neutral flavor and smooth texture. It gives chocolate its creamy texture and adds to its rich flavor. Cocoa butter can also be used as a butter substitute in baking, especially in vegan or dairy-free recipes. Additionally, cocoa butter is used in cosmetic products such as skin care creams, lotions, and soaps due to its emollient and antioxidant properties.

Additional ingredients to combine with cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is often combined with additional ingredients to enhance its properties or add new benefits. For example, combining cocoa butter with shea butter can provide additional moisturizing benefits to the skin. Tea tree soap, when combined with cocoa butter, can be used to soothe skin irritations and improve skin health. Additionally, cocoa butter can be combined with other natural oils, such as coconut oil or olive oil, to make body care creams and lotions. The combinations are endless, making cocoa butter a versatile ingredient in the beauty industry.

The chemistry of cocoa beans

Cocoa beans contain roughly 50% cocoa butter, which is the primary fat in chocolate. They also contain cocoa solids, which give chocolate its distinctive taste and aroma. Cocoa beans have a complex chemical composition, with over 300 aromatic chemicals present in them. The alkalinity of water used in the processing of cocoa beans affects the flavor and color of the cocoa powder and chocolate. The alkalising process, also known as Dutch processing, is used to reduce the acidity of cocoa powder and give it a milder flavor.

Nos dernières innovations en matière de machines à cacao


Thouet 5 raffineur à rouleaux

Royal Duyvis Wiener est fortement ancré dans la transformation traditionnelle du chocolat avec la marque Thouet. Leur passion pour le produit, combinée à des solutions d’ingénierie intelligentes axées sur le client, a constitué la base du nouveau raffineur à 5 rouleaux, qui sera disponible en janvier 2023. Outre les normes de production élevées que vous

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Vitrine des torréfacteurs

En 2022, nous avons organisé notre premier salon des torréfacteurs dans l’usine de Koog aan de Zaan, qui a été inaugurée en décembre dernier.nous a permis de présenter l’alcalinisateur, le torréfacteur à tambour et le refroidisseur. Une occasion unique departager notre expertise et nos innovations avec nos clients.  En outre, les clients ont pu découvrir

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Amounts of cocoa butter used in chocolate production

Cocoa butter is the main fat component in chocolate, and the amount used can affect the chocolate’s taste and texture. Typically, chocolate makers use between 30-32ºC. J. cocoa butter in their chocolate production. However, some chocolate makers may use additional cocoa butter to achieve a smoother texture or enhance the chocolate’s flavor. The amount of cocoa butter used can also vary depending on the desired type of chocolate, such as milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Cocoa butter’s aroma of cocoa

Cocoa butter has a unique aroma reminiscent of chocolate due to the cocoa beans from which it is extracted. This aroma can be enhanced or diminished depending on the processing method used. For example, if the cocoa beans are roasted for longer, the aroma of cocoa in the resulting cocoa butter will be stronger. The aroma of cocoa butter is often used in the production of chocolate bars, cakes, and other desserts.

What are the benefits of cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter is high in cholesterol-neutral fatty acids such as oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. It also contains linoleic acid, which can improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks’ appearance. Cocoa butter is a natural moisturizer that can help hydrate and soothe dry skin, making it an essential ingredient in many beauty-care products such as body butter, anti-aging creams, and anti-wrinkle creams.

High quality Chocolate machinery: 5-roll refiner

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Advantages of cocoa butter for chocolate making

Cocoa butter has many advantages over other vegetable fats, such as its unique aroma reminiscent of chocolate, its neutral flavor, and its smooth texture. It has a lower melting point than most vegetable fats, making it ideal for use in chocolate-making.

Cocoa butter production machines

At Royal Duyvis Wiener, we understand the significance of this process and offer advanced solutions to meet the industry’s demands.

When it comes to cocoa butter extraction, two commonly used machines are horizontal presses and continuous expeller presses. The selection of the right machine is pivotal as it directly impacts the quality and quantity of the cocoa butter obtained. We ensure that our cocoa butter production machines are designed to extract cocoa butter from cocoa nibs efficiently and with minimal interference.

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables the extraction of high-quality cocoa butter, which forms the foundation for various cocoa-based products, including cocoa liquor and white chocolate. By employing our cocoa butter production machines, manufacturers can expect a strong cocoa flavor in their final products.

Our machines are engineered to handle both roasted beans and raw cacao butter efficiently, giving manufacturers the flexibility to adapt to their specific requirements. With precise control over the extraction process, our cocoa butter production machines maximize yield within a shorter period of time, optimizing production efficiency.

At Royal Duyvis Wiener, we take pride in delivering reliable cocoa butter production machines that consistently produce exceptional cocoa butter. We understand the value of this essential ingredient and strive to provide innovative solutions that meet the industry’s evolving needs.


Cocoa butter is a versatile and beneficial ingredient in both the food and beauty industries. It is an essential component in chocolate-making and adds to its rich flavor and creamy texture. Cocoa butter is also used in many beauty-care products for its skin nourishing properties. The production of cocoa butter involves extracting it from cocoa beans, which have a complex chemical composition. With its unique aroma, neutral flavor, and smooth texture, cocoa butter is an excellent ingredient that adds a bit of creaminess to chocolate and a luxurious feel to beauty-care products. As more people become aware of the benefits of natural products, cocoa butter has gained popularity among health food stores and specialty grocery stores.

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