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Pre-refining Beater Blade Mill

  • Beater Blade Mill for first stage grinding of roasted cocoa nibs, nuts and seeds
  • Wiener original design, with leak-tight sieve installation and easily/quickly changeable wear parts
  • Low maintenance by design and construction
  • Well-designed temperature control prevents discoloring and undesirable flavors
  • Small footprint
  • Well-proven technology
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Product Information

The Wiener type Nibrotom is designed especially for the pre-grinding of cocoa nibs, nuts, almonds and other seeds with a high fat/oil content. Cocoa nibs are fed from the top into the grinding chamber by a dosing  screw, where knives immediately start the grinding process. These knives are made from specially hardened steel that significantly reduces wear. The pre-ground material (liquor, paste) leaves the machine through a slotted sieve and by selecting the appropriate sieve size, fineness can be adjusted as required. Optimum quality is ensured and maximum capacity is achieved.

This Beater Blade Mill combines optimal results and an excellent particle size distribution with a relatively low wet screen residue. This in turn ensures the best possible performance of all downstream refining equipment.


Cocoa Liquor Processing, Cocoa Nibs / Kernel Processing, Paste processing


Nibrotom 600: 300-500 kg/hr, Nibrotom 2000: 500-1700 kg/hr, Nibrotom 3500: 1700-3800 kg/hr

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