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Liquor Treatment

    • Cocoa Treatment Line type KSA for sterilizing and flavor improvement of cocoa liquor

Injection of water to increase the moisture content together with increasing temperature, for an improvement of the bacteria reduction (plate count) and of the removal of acids and off-flavors.

Heating with steam to increase liquor temperature to approx. 110°C (max. 120°C)

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“Rich in aroma, poor in bacteria”

In recent years an increasing demand is coming from the chocolate industry for supply of bacteria-reduced products. In the KSA-line, a bacteria reduction of Log3 is achievable with a maximum of 1.000 cfu(*)/gr, in the sterilizer KBF under pressure, high temperature and addition of water.

The KSA-line consists of a stainless steel jacketed, pressurized mixer type KBF, in which liquor and water is dosed in accurately. The pressure is achieved by 2 in opposite direction working pumps.

After simultaneously mixing and heating, water is vaporized via a mixing vessel and reactor type KFB for thermal after-treatment. Hot air onto a small layer of liquor is taking care of further dehumidification and removal of unpleasant flavors, acids and volatiles and even reduction of viscosity.

The further result of this treatment can lead to further reduced conching times at your chocolate customers and for that reason further added value to your cocoa liquor.

The heating and pressurizing of cocoa liquor in the heating cells KBF and the sudden release of pressure results in a bacteria deactivating rate down to 3 x 10³, depending on the incoming bacteria levels

A reduction up to 75% is achievable depending on the incoming bacterial variety.

The above mentioned reduction values may be expected assuming a composition with mainly mesophyll bacteria (regular bacteria). In case of mainly thermophile bacteria (heat resistant spores) the results may vary.


Cocoa Liquor Processing

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