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Liquor pump

For every process challenge, a suitable and frequency controlled pump available

  • Comply with GMP design
  • All of the components which come into contact with your product are extremely durable
  • All parts are easily exchangeable
  • Simple but very effective sealing
  • Jacketed for heating or cooling purposes
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Product Information

“Unique in quality, high pressure and high capacity”

The standard in the cocoa and chocolate industry, Royal Duyvis Wiener’s machines have earned this professional position. Designed and manufactured to fulfill the very highest global industrial demands. A proven example of these innovations are the cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and chocolate pumps.

Even under the most extreme industrial circumstances the Royal Duyvis Wiener pump is able to complete its crucial work. The gear pumps are especially designed for the transportation of demanding viscous and abrasive substances, which require a relatively high pressure up to 25 bar.

The LQP-300-25 and LQP-660-15 are perfectly suitable for the filling of cocoa butter presses. As a result of the high pressure, cocoa butter usually starts to flow during the filling process, so prior to the actual pressing.


LQP-ST: 500 – 4.000 liter/hr (max 6 bar), LQP-66-25: 1.000 – 4.000 liter/hr (max 25 bar), LQP-166-15: 2.500 – 10.000 liter/hr (max 15 bar), LQP-300-25: 4.000 – 18.000 liter/hr (max 25 bar), LQP-660-15: 10.000 – 40.000 liter/hr (max 15 bar), ZP90 / 1K: 500 – 2.000 liter/hr (max 6 bar), ZP90 / 5K: 2.000 – 10.000 liter/hr (max 6 bar), ZP90 / 10K: 10-000 – 20.000 liter/hr (max 6 bar)


Cocoa Liquor Processing, Paste processing

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