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Integrated Line Continuous

  • More than 130 years of experience in the cocoa industry
  • Reliable and durable machines, resulting in minimum down-time and maximum lifetime
  • Energy efficient, f.i. for drum roasting 30% less energy required compared with alternatives
  • High plant yield cleaned cocoa beans, excellent nib in shell / shell in nib with winnowing
  • Focus on Flavour
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The process of transformation from cocoa beans to cocoa liquor, butter and powder contains a lot of critical steps and requires a high level of expertise. Whether it is the bean drying and shell popping section or the newest drum roasting technology, until the highest quality classifying technology for the grinding of cocoa cake. With a Royal Duyvis Wiener line all this expertise is available under one roof.
In the world of cocoa, flavor and color is the key and in the integrated cocoa system this is where our focus is. With the BNR drum roasting technology we guarantee an optimum and equally divided heat transfer over the complete drum which enables you to have full control over the flavor profile. In combination with worlds most efficient nib grinding system, cocoa butter presses and the classifying technology for the grinding of cake into powder you will also have full control on the color and fineness of the powder.
Flavor, that is the priority. This, in combination with maximum yield, outstanding reliability and durability and over 130 years of experience will enable you to become and stay in the top of the cocoa market.

CBPP1000: 500-1000 kg/hr (8000 tons/yr), CBPP2000: 1000-2000 kg/hr (16000 tons/yr), CBPP4000: 2000-4000 kg/hr (32000 tons/yr), CBPP8000: 4000-8000 kg/hr (64000 tons/yr)


Cocoa Bean Processing, Cocoa Butter Processing, Cocoa Powder Processing

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