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Koog aan de Zaan (NL)

Integrated line continuous (Natural)

  • More than 130 years of experience in the cocoa industry
  • Reliable and durable machines, resulting in minimum down-time and maximum lifetime
  • Flexibility in flavour development with continuous roasting
  • High efficiency, due to counter flow roasting principle and push-pull technology
  • High plant yield cleaned cocoa beans, excellent nib in shell / shell in nib with winnowing
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Product Information

The process of transformation of cocoa beans into semi-finished products for the chocolate industry is crucial for achieving the right flavor profile. To do this high quality machines and knowledge are required. In the integrated line for continuous roasting of cocoa to produce top quality cocoa liquor these two world come together in one solution.

After cleaning and destoning the winnower will remove the shell from the nibs at a high efficiency, due to the cascade technology low shell in nib / nib in shell is possible. This results in a high quality liquor and low wear on the ball mills due to the low amount of shell, compared with alternative solutions. With the continuous the perfect flavor profile can be achieved with the advanced counter-flow roasting principal. In this system hot air is in contact with hot beans and colder air with the cold beans, which enables a very efficient heat transfer from air to bean, compared to alternatives. This will result in lower energy consumption, constant product quality and ultimate safety.
The flexibility and performance of this line, in combination with maximum yield, outstanding reliability and durability and over 130 years of experience will enable you to become and stay in the top of the cocoa and chocolate.

Cocoa Liquor Processing, Dry Roasting, Nut Powder Processing, Oil / Butter Processing, Paste processing, Raw / Pasteurized Processing


CBPP1000: 500-1000 kg/hr, CBPP2000: 1000-2000 kg/hr, CBPP4000: 2000-4000 kg/hr, CBPP8000: 4000-8000 kg/hr

Max capacity tons/year

CBPP1000: 8000, CBPP2000: 16000, CBPP4000: 32000, CBPP8000: 64000

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