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Cocoa Butter Press

  • World-wide standard in cocoa liquor pressing, based on patented thin-cake technology
  • Separating solids from the fat (cocoa liquor into cocoa butter and cocoa cake)
  • Gaining pure prime pressed cocoa butter (unfiltered)
  • Adjustable pressing cycles, easy settings and operation
  • Extremely robust design, with highest quality materials used
  • Minimal downtime and cost-efficient resulting in very low TCO figures
Specifications / USP's
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Product Information

Superior processing
The most advanced technology for superior and sustainable processing. The standard in the cocoa and chocolate industry Royal Duyvis Wiener equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the latest global industry requirements. A proven example is the Duyvis Cocoa Butter Press: a complete solution for efficient cocoa butter pressing. High quality and ongoing development made the Duyvis press the global standard for efficient and sustainable cocoa butter extraction. The design, the operating principle and the material used, make this cocoa butter press unique in the market. Most importantly: it generates maximum output with a minimum of cycle times.

In the cocoa butter presses, the butter is separated from the cake. This press achieves a high pressing result in combination with good liquor preparation, in-house made and designed liquor filling pump and  hydraulic unit. The total pressing cycle can divided in 3 main steps: filling, pressing and discharging.

To obtain the best possible results, the liquor is prepared by quick heating and intense agitation. The high-capacity liquor pump fills the press rapidly. The properties of the liquor will influence the behavior of the press, so the pressing cycles are adjustable and flexible. During pressing, the butter is separated through filter screens in the counter pots. Butter runs down the dripping trays into a central butter channel and is collected in the discharge vessel. After pressing the press opens and the press cakes are discharged in a cake conveyor. The cake is released as quickly as possible after the pressing cycle to ensure minimum impact on cycle time. This is achieved by using large release valves and high speed pumps. When the cake is dropped, the next cycle starts immediately. The cakes are discharged into a breaker where they are cut into smaller sizes, so called ‘kibbled cake’ or ‘kibbled pieces’.

Sustainable equipment
Our knowledge of pressing is transferred into virtual models that precisely match each kind of liquor – bringing theory and practice together. This knowledge is also used in the control software to ensure maximum performance. The controls will continuously adjust speed and the power supplied to the main hydraulic ram to optimize performance to the liquor. The Duyvis Cocoa Liquor Press is made from high grade materials, the pump has a long life span and very low maintenance costs. The experience of our customers is that, given the capacity and service provided, the Duvyis press is the most cost-efficient available. Production capacity remains consistent, even after years of operation.


Cocoa Butter Processing, Cocoa Kibbled Cake Processing, Cocoa Liquor Processing, Oil / Butter Processing, Paste processing

Capacities (low-fat cake)

4560/7: 300-500 kg/hr, 4560/18: 850-900 kg/hr, 4560/20: 1000-1550 kg/hr, 6080/18: 1250-3000 kg/hr

Capacities (high-fat cake)

4560/7: 500-1200 kg/hr, 4560/18: 1000-2850 kg/hr, 4560/20: 1500-3100 kg/hr, 6080/18: 3000-5300 kg/hr

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