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Cake grinding Classifier Mill

  • Free flowing powder, stable inside the bag or big-bag without lumps
  • De-agglomerating cocoa solids from kibbled cocoa cake
  • Reducing the fines of too coarse cocoa particles <75µm
  • The best control of your stabilizing / crystallization process before bagging
  • The ICM Classifier Mill especially for use in cocoa powder and nut powder grinding
  • Particles which are already fine enough at the first contact with a grinding element, will leave the mill directly, without being ground again (optimized particle size distribution)
  • Perfect handling with extremely limited cleaning of low-fat (10-12%) and high-fat (22-24%) cakes
  • Easy product-change overs
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“The Best Grinding and Crystallization Performance”
Royal Duyvis Wiener has reached a high standard in the cocoa- and chocolate industry.  All equipment is designed and manufactured to exceed the current global industrial standards. A proven example is our updated cocoa powder pulverizing and stabilizing equipment. This system is a complete solution for both pulverization and effective crystallization with a low product retention time – ideal for frequent product changes.

After many years of intensive research, Royal Duyvis Wiener has improved their successful pulverizing and stabilizing line even further.  The result is a stable cocoa pulverizing process with a quick crystallization speed and low product retention time – ideal for frequent product changes.  The improved crystallization line prevents the formation of agglomerates once the cocoa powder has been packed for transport.

The pre-cooled cake kibbles (see Thouet cake cooling) are transported to the pulverizing plant through a metal detector. From the metal detector outlet, the kibbles are pulverized in a direct-driven classifier mill into powder. The classifier consists of 1) grinding wheel via a maintenance-free bottom-drive system executed with hammers and liners for grinding and 2) a classifier wheel with separate top-drive.

The grinding fineness (sharp-cut) is adjusted by the variable speed of the classifier wheel. The fine particles are separated from the air and discharged in a cyclone collector and/or dust collector downstream to the mill. The cocoa powder is transported through the mill by means of air-conditioned and filtered air in a completely closed-loop system. After the initial pulverizing step, the powder is further cooled down and stabilized.

When crystallization or stabilization is left unattended, lump formation during storage is possible or different colors may occur, due to differences in crystallization. With the Royal Duyvis Wiener / NEA classifier mill, excellent cocoa powder properties are obtained in terms of color, free flowing properties and powder density. This installation is controllable and reliable and produces a stable powder, which is bagged immediately after processing.

All powder plants can be executed with fire detection and protection.


  • Large grinding chamber, hence lower dust concentration
  • Less sticking to the wall, requires less cleaning
  • High efficient classifying
  • Due to the large grinding surface, the power is not circulated many times, so there are fewer ultra-fines
  • Little temperature increase
  • Better particle size distribution
  • Low wear
  • Excellent top cut by closed and purged classifier wheel
  • Simple and safe opening mechanism counterweight ensures balanced safety in any position

Cocoa Kibbled Cake Processing, Cocoa Powder Processing, Nut Powder Processing


CPP 60: 500-1000 kg/hr, CPP 96: 1000-1600 kg/hr, CPP 150: 1600-2500 kg/hr, CPP 240: 2500-4000 kg/hr, CPP 380: 4000-6000 kg/hr

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