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Butter Blocking Line

  • Suitable for cooling cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, chocolate and nut-paste
  • Optimum cooling and tempering of product before filling with fast solidification after filling
  • Filling of trays or carton boxes without spillage via accurate special designed 2-step dosing valve (coarse, fine dosing)
  • Precise filling weights by the use of high precision weighing scale, and ease of calibration
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Product Information

A butter blocking line can be installed in case one of the end-products shall be pure prime pressed or deodorized cocoa butter.
It is extremely important that product is cooled and tempered well before filling.
Our well-proven technology will lead to well-prepared butter blocks which is highly appreciated by your customers due to its ease of re-melting.

The system is suitable for cooling cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, chocolate and similar recipes with subsequent dosing and filling of trays or carton boxes. The two step dosing valve ensures quick and fine dosing to achieve precise filling weights. The dosing weight is controlled by an industrial balance with roller conveyor. The blocks of cocoa butter, in trays or carton boxes, are ready for sales. We can offer similar applications for creating drops, kibbles, layers etc. by dosing of cold product directly on a belt conveyor.


Cocoa Butter Processing, Oil / Butter Processing, Paste processing


DBC750: 500-750 kg/hr, DBC1500: 750-1500 kg/hr, DBC2250: 1500-2250 kg/hr, DBC3000: 2250-3000 kg/hr, DBC4500: 3000-4500 kg/hr

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