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Bean Weighing

  • Tailor-made solution for bean weighing (flow-rate control)
  • Continuous throughput measurement with high accuracy of ± 0,25%
  • Factory efficiency / yield trending possibilities (measuring flowrate bean-intake – liquor)
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Product Information

After cleaning and destoning, the cleaned cocoa beans are fed though the continuous batch weighing system, which registers the amount of cocoa beans in order to measure the capacities of the complete process.

Unit consists of a base frame with pre-container, weighing container both with a content of 200 kg, executed with DN300 disc valves, and storage container with a content of 250 kg.

Sequential batch measurement results in a continuous throughput with a weighing accuracy of ± 0,25%.

Allows controllable infeed of cocoa beans to the cocoa processing line.


Cocoa Bean Processing


500-7000 kg/hr

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