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Bean Sterilizer

  • Batch Sterilizing Reactor for sterilizing cocoa beans and create shell popping effect
  • Feeding of hot beans from the roaster directly to the steam treatment in the reactor
  • Short and efficient steam pressurizing (1,5 – 2,5 bar) for minimum moisture intake and maximum reduction of bacteria below 500 cfu (*) per gram
  • Continuous discharge towards the breaking and winnowing process
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Before winnowing, the beans are sterilized by steam. The hot cocoa beans are transferred from a continuous roaster or continuous dryer up-stream directly to the cocoa bean sterilizer.
In the sterilizer installed immediately after the dryer/roaster the hot beans are treated with approx. 2 bar of steam for approx. 40 seconds to obtain nearly bacteria free beans (500 –1.000 cfu (*) /gram).

At the same time the bean is being “popped” with this steam treatment. The volume of the bean is approx. 20% larger, caused by the intensive peeling of the shells. The treatment on hot beans after the dryer/roaster save a lot of energy against sterilizing of cold beans before a roaster.
– High pressure and vessel temperatures possible
– Energy savings up to 25%
– Bacteria counts below 500 cfu(*) per gram after sterilization
– No risk of contamination of clean nibs
– Excellent release of the shell for optimum shell separation in downstream winnowing
– Short and low pressure steam treatment for moisture intake only on the shell
– Fast emptying and filling


Cocoa Bean Processing


KS 350: 1000-1800 kg/hr, KS 500: 1800-2800 kg/hr, KS1000: 2800-4500 kg/hr, KS 2000: 4500-7500 kg/hr

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