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Vibrating Sieve

  • Robust round design separator / screening machine
  • Especially designed for dry (cocoa beans, shell) and wet (cocoa liquor / chocolate) applications
  • Long-life sieve clothing, easily replaceable
  • Stainless steel design, hygienic support construction
  • Easy but reliable clamping system
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Product Information

Royal Duyvis Wiener screening machines
Characterized by their fatigue strength, robust low-maintenance construction and flexible modular system, Royal Duyvis Wiener screening machines have proven their value in the global market.
The round-designed screening machine can be used in wet (high viscous) or dry classification, i.e. cocoa and chocolate industry.

The screening machine is based on the principle of three-dimensional vibration, which is generated by an imbalance motor mounted on a support plate in the center of the machine.
A spring rim connects the plate supporting the motor with the stationery substructure.
The phase shift between the horizontal and vertical screen movement can be influenced by adjusting the angle of the 2 balance weights in relation to one another. The dwell time of the product on the screen can be varied in this way. The value of the screen acceleration can be varied by using additional weights.

“Ready to go”
A well stretched screen clothing is an important factor for screening performance and classification accuracy. Royal Duyvis Wiener can supply both 2-part frames on which on-site clothing can be stretched or “ready-to-go” bonded screen frames. Both screen versions can be equipped with an automatic cleaning attachment.


VSD/H (Screen 1055 mm): 500-1800 kg/hr, VSE/H (Screen 1358 mm): 1800-3000 kg/hr


(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, (Compound) Confectionary coatings, (Compound) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Bread Spread Processing, Cocoa Bean Processing, Cocoa Liquor Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Fillings / Creams Processing, Paste processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing

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