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Recipe development ball mill

  • Small size laboratory ball mill, designed for recipe testing and development
  • Extremely suitable for small testing, easy up-scalable on large ball mill lines
  • Very flexible and easy cleanable
  • Very affordable plug-and-play version
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Product Information

“The ultimate recipe developer”
The Royal Duyvis Wiener W-1-S has been designed for the use in laboratories in order to develop new recipes and to test new products. The W-1-S laboratory ball mill is also well suited to carry out quality checks prior to main line production runs.

The W-1-S is equipped with a jacketed grinding tank for water heating or cooling. The tank has a batch capacity of 2.5 kg of product and is adjustable in height whereby the distance between the agitator shaft and the bottom of the tank can be set. This in case a different ball size than the standard 9.5 mm is being used. For high fat recipes in combination with powder sugar e.g. smaller balls are needed.

The speed of the agitator can be set manually between 34 – 240 rpm. In the bottom of the tank a screen with a tap valve is fitted.

Optional the unit can be executed with heating water system and a rolling base frame, thus creating maximum flexibility within the available space.


(Compound) Confectionary coatings, (Compound) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Bread Spread Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Fillings / Creams Processing


2.5 kg/batch

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