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Liquid continuous Conching

  • Fast, reliable continuous conching, for high quality products
  • Requires a minimal amount of space; no foundations required
  • Easily integrated in existing lines
  • Well-proven design
  • Low energy consumption compared to “traditional” conching
  • Simple, fully automatic operation
  • Low maintenance costs, extremely low wear
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Product Information

When you want to make good quality real chocolate there is an alternative way.
Duyvis Wiener gives customers the possibility to make chocolate on an alternative, fast and simple way.
A combination of proven technology gives you the possibility to make any kind of chocolate. Many years of experience are not required and anyone can operate the unique Duyvis Wiener turnkey solution.

If you want to upgrade your chocolate processing line, the Continuous Liquid Conch (CLC) can easily be integrated. The Liquid Conch is developed for thin film treatment of chocolate-, compound- and cocoa masses. According to latest knowledge, the two main functions of conching are the thermal degasification and the mechanical shearing stress. Both functions are carried out in the reactor in the thinly spread mass layer.

The Continuous Liquid Conch is a combination of the Thin Film Evaporator TFE and Taste Changer®, both well-proven systems and worldwide installed in the past 40 years.
The product enters the reactor via a shear stress device on top of the reactor and is distributed over the reactor wall as mass film. This film is continuously shorn by the rotor and kept at constant film thickness, whereat the mass moves downwards towards the outlet. Due to this large surface which the mass reaches here, a very intensive treatment within short duration is obtained. For thermal treatment, constantly preheated air is additionally led through the rotor and outlet nozzles, directly in the mass film. The temperature of this fresh micro-filtered hot air is pre-selectable. It has a very good absorbing capacity for the exhaust vapors to be discharged, due to the relatively low air humidity.

The treating temperature can be pre-selected by the double jacket heating. The dehumidified, thermally and mechanically treated mass is discharged at the bottom of the reactor.


(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing


CLC1000: 500-1000 kg/hr, CLC2000: 1000-2000 kg/hr

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