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Liquid batch mixer

  • Highly reliable equipment, especially designed for high viscosity products
  • Vertical design with center discharge, jacketed for heating purposes, optional mounted on 3 load-cells
  • Counter-rotating double-stirring type mixer, with optimal height-diameter ratio for mixing
  • Outer stirrer executed with wall-scrapers for self-cleaning of the tank and advanced mixing possibilities
  • Easy cleaning and for that reason quick product changes
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Product Information

“The better the mix, the better your product quality”
The performance of pre-mixing is getting more and more important. To ensure the best performances of the downstream processes (i.e. ball mill) and for that reason the best product quality, an optimal and homogeneous mixing of the basic materials is a “must”. In a liquid batch mixer it is important that all solid particles are equally surrounded by liquid particles to ensure lowest possible viscosities during further processing. Only the well-proven design based on counter-rotating mixing principle ensures just this.

Each unit can handle at least 1 batch per hour (depending on product feeding rate), which ensures enough mixing time after ingredient dosing for a homogenous liquid paste. Ingredients that are used in chocolate or compound are highly viscous, meaning that mixing equipment used must have enough torque in order to thoroughly mix the various ingredients, and on industrial scale even in large batches.

Royal Duyvis Wiener can supply several type of batch mixers that are well-designed for this challenge. Each executed with 2 heavy-duty helical geared motors, designed in several batch sizes.

The outer stirrer is always executed with spring-loaded wall- and bottom scrapers for self-cleaning of the internal tank and advanced mixing possibilities. Even re-mixing of segregated sugar is possible after temporary stopping.


(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing


MXL-1000: 500-1500 kg/hr, MXL-3000: 1500-3000 kg/hr, MXL-5000: 3000-5000 kg/hr

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