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Liquid batch conching

  • Fast, reliable conching, for high quality products
  • Small unit, easy to install in an existing production line on a storage tank
  • Multiple units on 1 storage tank possible
  • Very efficient removal of moisture (up-to 50%) and off-flavors by blowing hot air through a thin product-layer
  • Improvement of viscosity by adding shear stress
  • Very flexible system
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Product Information

The Batch Liquid Conch (BLC), a Wiener invented unit, has one of the most important functions in the chocolate production process.

Conching in a different and innovative way by a combination of a shear stress device and a very efficient film evaporator. Hot, dry air and chocolate are intensively brought into contact with one another, causing the moisture, volatile amino acids and off-flavors to be extracted from the mixture. The shear stress device temporarily reduces the viscosity of the mixture, thereby increasing the efficiency of the film vaporizer. It is remarkable to note that the addition of pins has resulted in a butter saving of 0.6 % reaching the same viscosity and yield values.

Also products not containing cocoa liquor can be treated, resulting in a lower moisture content which can mean longer shelf life for products containing e.g. a lauric fat system. The shear and impact force creates better flow properties.

The system consists of one BLC, driven by a 7.5kW motor and 1 set of air heating elements. A fan supplies the pre-heated air with 3 different possible settings into the BLC, directly onto the thin-film of product inside, created by centrifugal acceleration. Several passages (2 – 4 times) over the BLC will lead to an optimum result. All product contact-parts are executed in stainless steel.


(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing


BLC: 500-1250 kg/hr

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