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Integrated Line ChocoLean

  • Combination of dry-batch conche and ball mill
  • Optimal removing of moisture content due to intensive dry-conching / mixing principle
  • Rheological results, viscosity and yield value comparable to traditional lines due to low-fat refining
  • Significant cocoa butter savings of up to 5% to achieve required rheological values, resulting in lower production costs
  • Excellent taste development
  • Full automatic operation, only operator assistance for ingredient handling required
Specifications / USP's
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Product Information

“A unique hybrid solution to achieve an excellent chocolate” & “The best of both chocolate worlds”
The combination of a Thouet single shaft dry-conche with a classic ball mill, horizontal or vertical, is the best of both worlds.

The mass is mixed at 15-25% fat content and intensively dry conched for a period of 2 – 4 hours, depending on the required rheological values and taste. This conching principle is based on the Thouet’s classical dry conching process according Thouet’s conching philosophy.

After dry conching, the mass is liquefied and pumped to the ball mill for the intermediate and fine refining of the compound and chocolate mass and is suitable for crystal sugar and powdered sugar based recipes. Before the ball mill refining, the liquefied mass can contain the final fat content of the recipe. However, it is recommendable to refine the mass at a lower fat content and to add fat at a later stage.

Starting from crystal or powdered sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass or vegetable fat, cocoa/milk powder and additives it is easy to set up your own production of chocolate recipes or premium quality compound. Based on capacity, the number of ball mills will be determined and in the situation with a single ball mill, the product will be batch wise circulated to achieve the required fineness. The most optimal and efficient situation is the continuous process based on 2 or more ball mill systems inline.


Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing

Capacities (batch)

Choco Lean 250: 100-250 kg/hr, Choco Lean 500: 250-500 kg/hr

Capacities (continuous)

Choco Lean 1000: 500-1000 kg/hr, Choco Lean 1500: 1000-1500 kg/hr

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