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Integrated Line Batch & Continuous Choc

  • Combination of Liquid batch or continuous mixer (*) and ball mill (**)
  • Simple solution for excellent compound, coatings, spreads and fillings, based on highest quality standards
  • Highly flexible regarding different recipes and plant layout
  • Low energy costs and virtually no maintenance costs, resulting in extreme low TCO
  • Full automatic operation, only operator assistance for ingredient handling required
Specifications / USP's
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Product Information

The ultimate way to make an excellent quality compound, coating, spread or filling is by using the Royal Duyvis Wiener systems, offering proven technology to produce any kind of product with a unique, simple, quick and efficient method. Our turnkey equipment is also easy to operate and maintain. The CHOC principle is the ideal, compact in-house system for the continuous processing of chocolate masses, compound, coatings, bread spreads and an endless variety of fillings.

All ingredients (liquid fat, nut-paste, cocoa- and or milk-powder, sugar, lecithin, etc.) are automatically fed into the weighing / pre-mixer vessel. This mixer is designed for maximum accessibility and easy feeding. After accurate weighing by load cells, the ingredients are fed into the upper vessel and then transported by gravity into the holding tank. The specially designed agitators start mixing immediately. Once the batch has been homogeneously mixed, it is fed into the lower vessel where an additional cycle of intensive mixing takes place. Meanwhile, the pre-mixer on top can be filled for the next batch.From the holding vessel, the mass is pumped through the grinding chambers of the ball mill. The refining is accomplished by a special shaft with agitator arms, rotating in a vertical, jacketed grinding tank filled with especially hardened steel balls. The various layers of grinding elements move in the same direction but at different speeds. The speed of the balls is high at the tips of the grinding arms, but almost zero at the periphery of the chamber, which reduces the rubbing effect.Due to highly resistant, high quality materials in combination with the usage of fat, there will be virtually no tear and wear.

Based on capacity the number of ball mills will be determined and in situations with a single ball mill the product will be batch-wise circulated to achieve the required fineness. The most optimal and efficient situation is the continuous process based on two or more ball mill systems inline. Even double mixing / grinding sections are possible with 1 ingredient handling system. The entire unit works fully automatically and the relevant process information can be stored and viewed on the display. The ball mill’s special design ensures a low product temperature.[/vc_column_text]
Upgrade for the future
As a future upgrade, the ultimate way to make an excellent quality of real chocolate is to integrate the batch or continuous liquid conching section after the Royal Duyvis Wiener CHOC compound lines. More information can be found at the section liquid conch on this website.


(Compound) Confectionary coatings, (Compound) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Bread Spread Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Fillings / Creams Processing

Capacities (batch)

Choc 150 + Wiecon 50: 50-150 kg/hr, Choc 300 + MXL-1000: 100-300 kg/hr, Choc 425 + MXL-1000: 300-425 kg/hr, Choc 600 + MXL-1000: 425-600 kg/hr

Capacities (continuous)

Choc 1250 + Wiecomix 350: 600-1250 kg/hr, Choc 1800 + Wiecomix 500: 1250-1800 kg/hr

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