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Five roll refiner

  • Excellent pre-refining and preparation for fine-grinding in chocolate processing lines
  • Designed to guarantee the highest product quality, flexible handling and long lifespan
  • Very accurate control of temperature, gap (pressure) and roller-speed
  • Fine refining down to 12 micron
  • Dynamic controlled first 2 rolls for further particle size reduction
  • Hygienic design, with extra gap between rolls and frame for easy cleaning
  • Easy dismantling and replacing of scraping knives and rolls, meaning less downtime
  • Ultimate flexibility in recipes and grinding efficiency with possibility for individual roll drives
  • Optional automatic particle size management
Specifications / USP's
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Product Information

The Royal Duyvis Wiener 5-roll refiners are designed according the latest global standards. Advanced technology and new design details result in a roll refiner of unmatched performance.

The product is transported from pre-refiner (2-roll-refiner) by a conveyor belt in the buffer located at the top of the 5-roll pre-refiner. This buffer acts as a storage centre for a continuous feeding onto the rollers of the fine-refiner. The state-of-the-art rolls work to refine and calibrate all particles in the chocolate batch. The 5-roll refiner is extremely durable, resistant to wear and is executed with specially designed hydraulic controls, gap adjustment and drive technology.

This results in consistently produced fine-refined chocolate batches, ready for the next step – conching. Particle fineness up to 12 microns is achievable, ensuring maximum product quality. The advanced control unit as well as several safety devices guarantee reliable and traceable production and avoid run dry damage by feeding foreign materials. High quality centrifugal cast composite rolls with an even, hard surface ensure high product quality and an extremely long lifespan.

The 5-roll refiners are suitable for use as a fine-refiner in chocolate processing lines. The equipment guarantees the highest product quality, flexible handling and a long life span. The two temperature controlled rolls pre-refine the sugar and the calibration of the particle size is determined by the gap between the roll and the pressure which is hydraulically controlled. The rolls are standard driven via two geared motors, optional each individual roll can be executed with a separate drive. For greater accuracy, a frequency controller can be installed. The rolls can easily be dismantled and changed. The scraping knives can easily be cleaned and changed, which means a considerable cost saving (less downtime) and improved hygiene.

Particile Size management
Particle size management is the answer when undesired product fluctuations jeopardize your production. Installed on top of the 5th roll, the particle size management device directly measures the particle size at two locations on the roll (center and side), without using an indirect layer thickness. Every 20ms, the cocoa, chocolate and white mass are measured automatically and at the same time the settings of the 5-roll refiner are controlled. This device offers you the optimal product quality in combination with the highest efficiency.


(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing


WF13-2 (1.300 mm): 500-600 kg/hr, WF18-2 (1.800 mm): 800-1100 kg/hr

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