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Succes cocoa and chocolate processing course May

Another successful Cocoa and Chocolate Processing introduction course

From 16 -20 May, 2022 Royal Duyvis Wiener hosted an Introduction Course in Cocoa and Chocolate Processing. This course gave an unique insight into the world of chocolate and cocoa, combining theoretical sessions on cocoa and chocolate with hands-on training with the machines and product. Participants are able to immediately test their knowledge hands-on with actual Royal Duyvis Wiener machinery. Not just the hands and brains are put to work during this course. Taste buds are also activated! As a bonus all participants were show off their self-made chocolate with friends & family.

After the successful completion of the course participants were presented with a certificate expressing their expertise in cocoa, chocolate and nut processing by CEO Theo Pouw.

“The Cocoa and Chocolate Processing introduction course has provided me with an excellent foundation for the working of this industry. I’m really keen to put this training into practice and build and cultivate my basic experience into in-depth knowledge for my future career in the business”
Erica Parrilla, Proces Engineer, Blommer Chocolate

The introduction course in Cocoa and Chocolate Processing is reoccurring feature in the Royal Duyvis Wiener portfolio, scheduled every 6 months. Roy Smith, Manager of the Technology Center and trainer of the course, says “It’s a very popular course in the portfolio with a unique proposition, a solid theoretical basis with immediate hands-on follow-up. A first glance in the amazing world of chocolate, focused on all specialist stepping into this niche market.”

Did we spark your interest?
The next Cocoa and Chocolate Processing Introduction Course takes place 24 – 28 October. Find more information about the course, topics and fees on the education page. Any questions? Reach out to Ms Leah Barsema, Manager Marketing & Sales Support at +3175 6126 118 or via