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The pilot plant at Koog aan de Zaan contains the following equipment:

  • A Lab-Nibrotom liquor grinding line comprising of the laboratory ball mill model W-3, laboratory ball mill model W-5, laboratory ball mill model FML-5, and laboratory ball mill model FM-20, along with CMG stone mills for both coarse and fine grinding.
  • A laboratory press installation, complementing the laboratory ball mill, for cocoa and other oily seeds, notably peanut, sesame, hazelnut, and shea.
  • A laboratory powder refining and stabilizing installation, model ICM 4,8. Various models of laboratory ball mill for compounds and chocolate, namely W-1-S, W-3, W-5, FML-5, and FM-20.
  • A laboratory Uniroto system with Refiner Conche. -25. A Taste-Changer system with a Thin-Film reactor KFB-5.
  • A chocolate roller refining system comprising a 3-roller refiner and a traditional conch.
  • A Qchoc chocolate ball mill system with a QC-50 chocolate installation.
  • A KBF-1 continuous cooling system suitable for cocoa, compounds, and chocolate.
  • A sieving installation.


Excellent analytical instrumentation:

Both technology centres boast a wide selection of measuring and analysis instruments in addition to equipment such as the laboratory ball mill.

  • Our differential scanning calorimeter generates a clear characterization of any product. The DSC provides a number of solutions for melting and crystallising projects and processes, stability, oxidation, and purity.
  • Our laser diffraction meter deploys the Fraunhofer method to measure products within the range of 0.01 – 175 um and 0.5 – 875 um. The benefits of this laser diffraction analysis, provides both the cumulative spread and the spread of the products being measured.
  • Our viscosity meter measures products’ viscosity and flow. This piece of kit uses a number of methodologies, most striking are the Reomatt, Haake, and Brookfield methods.
  • Our moisture meter identifies the presence and measures the extent of moisture in products and their constituent ingredients.
  • Our soxhlet extraction installation is used to extract fat to be analysed.

We also conduct a variety of types of microscopic research. One key example is our specially developed cold light source to analyse fat bloom.


Content of the laboratory in Aalen:

  • Ball mills for cocoa liquor grinding: FML-5, FM-20, stone mill CMG for coarse grinding and stone mill CMF for fine grinding
  • A laboratory ball mill for compound and chocolate: FML-5, FM-20. Thin-Film reactor KFB-5
  • Chocolate roller refining system: 3-roller refiner WDLH/S and traditional conch
  • Continuous cooling system KBF-1 for cocoa, compound and chocolate. VSA sieving installation
  • Roaster KRA and KRL

Pilot Plant and Laboratory Testing Facility

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