Integrated Line Choc Real

  • Three different chocolate production lines developed under one roof
  • All configurations installed in our technology center in Koog a/d Zaan
  • Parallel testing possible to see and measure differences
  • Highly flexible regarding different recipes and plant layout
  • Clear selection


The production of a world class chocolate is a process with a lot of influences and variables. It requires personnel with great knowledge about rheological values and the influence of technology on these values to produce good chocolate. At Royal Duyvis Wiener we have three different lines to produce chocolate available, every line with its own characteristics. All these lines are set up in our technology center as well for development and assistance of customers in recipe development and line efficiency improvement.

Depending on clients wishes our technology team is ready to answer all questions and explain the differences. In our Food Academy all three lines are installed on lab scale which enables you to do trials to find the optimal solution for your particular situation.

Option 1.

The first and worldwide most installed solution for real chocolate is the traditional line starting with a dry mixer, followed by roll refiners and finishing with a traditional dry conche. The line offers the highest flexibility possible in terms of handling a big variety of recipes.

Option 2.

Second option is how we call it combine the best of both worlds. In chocolate flavor is key and in the traditional line most of the flavor is achieved in the dry conche. But the maintenance of a roll refiner is quiet high compared to ball mills and requires a lot of knowledge. In this second solution, the so-called hybrid solution we combine the traditional dry conche for flavor development with the ball mills which requires less maintenance to produce a top-class chocolate which can compete with the traditional line. Limitation is the free fat percentage in the recipes, this has to be always minimum 29%.


Option 3.

Third option is the ball mill in combination with liquid conching, this technology is growing every year. The use of ball mills in combination with the liquid conche which requires less energy than the dry conche results in a very economical solution for a big variety of customers. Due to the use of ball mills the minimal free fat content in a recipe should be 30%.



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