Finishing tank

  • Horizontal storage, mixing and finishing tank
  • Adding and mixing of oil and additives into liquid chocolate or mixing of different chocolate recipes
  • Jacketed tank for cooling and heating purposes, deflection-free horizontal arranged hollow shaft with helical mixing elements
  • Outside lantern bearing housing with long-life shaft seal
  • Clear selection


Horizontal tank, especially designed for storage and mixing of oil, fat or additives into the final product.

For example for preparation of ice-cream coatings in which oil is added after refining.

Optimal quality related to specifications like flavor and rheological values can be achieved before further processing like coating, moulding, etc. can be guaranteed, with all required sampling and adding possibilities.


The solid tank is jacketed for heating or cooling purposes. All required infeed points are located at the top. A sampling device can be added at the bottom. The special open scoop design of the mixing elements ensure intensive mixing and conching effect to the chocolate.


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(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, (Chocolate) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, (Compound) Confectionary coatings, (Compound) Ice-cream Coatings Processing, Bread Spread Processing, Compound Chocolate Processing, Fillings / Creams Processing, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing

Types Batch capacity [kg]
Tank type HRW-2,5-O 2.500
Tank type HRW-6-O 6.000
Tank type HRW-8-O 8.000
Tank type HRW-10-O 10.000
Tank type HRW-15-O 15.000
Tank type HRW-25-O 25.000