Cake grinding Pin Mill

  • Pin Mill for cake pulverizing (de-agglomeration)
  • Stationary pin disc is placed to the mill door, pin disc is equipped with 12mm pins
  • Cooling and breaking for cocoa powder
  • Stabilizes cocoa powder inside the jacketed cooling tubes
  • Suitable for low-fat (10-12%) and high-fat (22-24%) cakes
  • High output and throughput in a hygienic design
  • Clear selection


This powder grinding and stabilizing plant consists of a combination of pin mill, cooling tubes and product-air separation filter including fan.

This powder stabilizing system is well known across the globe, consisting of a cooling tube for the first tempering step and cooling screws or stabilizing silos for the second tempering step. The cooling system produces a cocoa powder with a vivid color and the characteristics of correct stabilization.
The Thouet Pin Mill is an alternative to the classifier mill and has a different working concept. The pin mill is used for de-agglomeration of the cake kibbles. It has integrated scrapers in the grinding chamber and a jacketed housing and mill door for cooling with cold water.

All powder plants can be executed with fire detection and protection.


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Cocoa Kibbled Cake Processing, Cocoa Powder Processing


Type Capacity kg/h
Powder processing STM600 500 – 1.500
Powder processing STM800 1.500 – 2.500
Powder processing STM1000 2.500 – 4.000


The KPA system can be used to make cocoa powder according above capacities. As an alternative we can offer a classifier system with grinding options suitable for high-end applications and nut- and seed-powder.