Butter Melting

  • Combination of melting grid and storage tank with stirrer
  • Removable melting grid makes it easy to clean inside the tank.
  • The melting grid is made of quadrangular, stainless steel tubes and is heated with hot water up to 90°C.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel and cover is detachable from the top of the tank for cleaning purposes.
  • Mixing element at the bottom to optimise melting at the storage section below the grid
  • Clear selection


The melting process of the blocks starts on the melting grid and is continued inside the jacketed tank. The melting grid and the jacketed tank are heated by hot water, melting by steam is an option to increase capacity.

The melting grids and the chambers are heated independently. The melting process of butter blocks is supported by a mixing element in the melting tank. Warm water is conduct through the melting grid and the jacket of the tank in one or two separate loops. The product- and the water temperatures are detected by PT-100 sensors and shown on displays.

As an option a block cutter in stainless steel can be offered.

This block cutter transfers a solid block of product (25 kg) after infeed into chips or flakes for easy re-melting in a stirrer tank.


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Type Capacity kg/h
Butter melter type BAB-350-CBB 150 – 300
Butter melter type BAB-500-CBB 300 – 500
Butter melter type BAB-1000-CBB 500 – 1.000
Butter melter type BAB-1500-CBB 1.000 – 1.500
Butter melter type BAB-2000-CBB 1.500 – 2.000
Block cutter type EBB 500 – 2.500