For premium quality compound & chocolate

Royal Duyvis Wiener’s equipment has reached a high standard in the cocoa – and chocolate industry. Designed and manufactured to fulfil the current global industrial demands. The next generation in chocolate processing is the hybrid solution combining tradition and efficiency to achieve an excellent chocolate. Royal Duyvis Wiener is setting a new standard in chocolate processing, by combining the proven technology of F.B. Lehmann, Thouet and Wiener.

The Choco Lean Principle

Suitable to use crystal sugar or powdered sugar.

Optimal removing of moisture content

Due to intensive Thouet dry conching principle.

Excellent taste development

Rheological results

Viscosity and yield value achievable due to low fat refining.

Significant fat saving up to 5%

Easily to achieve required rheological values.

Extremely low wear

Low energy costs.

High flexibility

Regarding different recipes and plant layout.