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Refiner Conche

  • Efficient combination of mixing, refining and conching
  • Solid design, long and proven track record
  • Requires minimal floor space
  • Suitable for all sugar types and even re-work can be processed
  • Product consistency not dependent on operator experience
  • Minimal downtime and cost-efficient resulting in very low TCO figures
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Product Information

“A well-proven design re-invented”
The refiner conche combines the advantages of mixing, refining and conching in one dedicated system. A compact machine for the production of chocolate and compound recipes with a long and proven record.

An ideal solution for the production of various chocolate and compound masses using low-fat content from 25 – 60% and specially suitable for pre-grinding cocoa nibs, sugar and lactose-free products. Characteristic is the strong grinding performance in combination with high efficient cooling to avoid high product temperature.

For more optimal and efficient refining, the refiner conche can be combined with a ball mill, which results in two proven chocolate processing in one installation. Strong coarse pre-grinding by the refiner conche and fine grinding through the ball mill system, resulting in optimum efficiency and cost.

The refiner conche consists of a jacketed vessel with a grooved metal lining (high-quality wear-resistant cast iron). In the center of the vessel, attached to a horizontal shaft, blades scrape the lining when pressed against the wall during the refining stage.

This scraping of the blades over the lining creates a very efficient coarse grinding. Without pressure on the blades, two functions are performed by the refiner conche:

  1. Mixing, when the ingredients are fed into the conche, before grinding
  2. Conching, when the production comes into a final stage.

(Chocolate) Confectionary Coatings, Compound Chocolate Processing, Gourmet Chocolate, Real Chocolate / Couverture Processing


RC500: 60-100 kg/batch, RC1500: 100-300 kg/batch

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