Three Stage Breaker

Our high-end Breaker uses three stages of breakers for the cracking of raw, dried, roasted, cold or hot beans. The frequency controlled rotation speed of the breakers increases from one stage to the next, with broken beans sorted between stages. Each cocoa bean only receives sufficient energy necessary to break the shell.


Sterilistion process with Breaker

Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V. offers F.B. Lehmann’s unique breaking method integrated with the sterilization process. This unique treatment produces cocoa nibs free of bacteria.


Controlled vapour treatment

The Steriliser is used for the reduction of bacteria and de-moulding of cocoa beans. With its accurate controlled vapour treatment, a uniform and reliable reduction of bacteria, yeast and fungi is achieved. The steriliser is suitable for cocoa beans, nuts, and almonds in a range of 1-8 tons per hour. The vapour pressure, and subsequent sudden pressure relief, prepares the beans for the breaker and provide continuous relief during the crushing and separating process. Downstream airflow dries the beans and removes them of all residual moisture.


Main benefits:

  • Kills bacteria and removes the nibs from the shell by aerating of hot beans
  • Downstream airflow removes residual moisture from the bean
  • Short and efficient vapour pressure (1.5 to 2.5 bar) for minimum and maximum reduced moisture
  • Bacterial count below 500 CFU per gram
  • Continuous relief from the crushing and separating process
  • Frequency controlled rotation speed of the breakers

Breaker Typ DB

  • Three stage Breaker
  • Germ reduction
  • A unique method
  • Energy efficient
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