Unique breaking and winnowing technology

Royal Duyvis Wiener B.V. offers F.B. Lehmann’s unique breaking and winnowing technology for the breaking of raw, dried, roasted, cold or hot beans. Lehmann’s high-end version of winnowing machines uses three stages of breakers to crack the cocoa beans with a power range of 1 – cracks 8 ton / h.

The frequency controlled rotation speed of the breakers increases from one stage to the next, with broken beans sorted between stages. Each cocoa bean only receives sufficient energy necessary to break the shell.

All sizes of nib and shell run through a vertical winnowing duct, where the turbulent airflow takes up the lightweight shell, and the heavy nibs fall onto the downstream conveyor.



Winnower Typ KS

  • Breaking & winnowing
  • Minimum of shell residue
  • Gentle process
  • Energy efficient
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