The best germ reduction

The Lehmann Steriliser type KS 100 to KS 2000, provides the best germ reduction with bacteria counts below 500 cfu per gram. Minimal moisture absorption ensures all flavours are retained within the beans.
The hot cocoa beans are transferred from the roaster directly to the cocoa bean steriliser; making the sterilisation process more energy efficient, and significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination.
After sterilisation of the cocoa beans, the shells are easy to remove from the kernel; aiding the process of breaking and winnowing. Compared to other systems, sterilising of hot beans saves a great deal of energy and has great benefits for your product.


Main benefits

  • Bacteria counts, below 500 cfu per gram
  • No risk of contamination of clean nibs
  • Complete release from the kernel
  • Dry beans for perfect breaking and winnowing
  • Germ reduction with minimal moisture absorption
  • Energy efficient
  • No negative impact on taste



Steriliser Typ KS 100 - KS 2000

  • Germ reduction below 500 cfu per gram
  • Minimal moisture absorption
  • No negative impact on taste
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