The most advanced technology available for cocoa processing

All Royal Duyvis Wiener machinery meets the highest standards for efficiency and sustainability on a global scale. A prime example of Duyvis’ continued ability to not only meet but to exceed these global benchmarks is its cocoa butter press machine.

This cocoa butter press machine is like no other with respect to its design and optimised production process. Our cocoa butter press machine truly excels in terms of its sustainability and efficiency.


Unrivalled processing power

These cocoa pressing machines have a number of features that enhance the cocoa butter pressing process. The materials from which Duyvis’ cocoa pressing machines are made are of the highest grade. They are thus extremely durable and require the minimum expenditure on maintenance. The pressing cycles are flexible and highly adjustable; this is essential as the varying properties of the liquor will impact upon the way in which the press operates.

The cocoa butter press machine operates in a number of stages. First, the raw liquor is prepared by being rapidly heated and intensely agitated. When the liquor is ready to enter the pressing equipment, the liquor pump fills the press at high speed with liquor.


Synthesis of theory with practice

The strengths of Royal Duyvis Wiener engineers and technical experts ensure the machines perform to what are absolutely the highest standards possible.

The design and manipulation of the software used to control the cocoa pressing machines are optimised to continuously adjust the power supply to the main hydraulic ram. This enables the speed of the ram to be continuously monitored and adjusted in response to variations in the properties of the liquor.


A rapid process

High capacity release valves and high-speed liquor pumps ensure a quick release of the cake from the cocoa pressing machines. No time is lost in the transition between cycles. As the resultant cake from one cycle is dropped, the next cycle commences.

Once dropped, cakes are cut into ‘kibbled cakes’, or smaller sizes in a breaker, ready for the powdering stage.


Superior arrangements for maintenance

The continual monitoring and maintenance of all our cocoa processing machines is a priority in our manufacturing process at Royal Duyvis Wiener; to ensure our machines run safely and smoothly.

The transparent cover provides safety against the high forces and speeds achieved by the cocoa butter press and cocoa processing machines. This cover remains securely locked and can only be released for cleaning and maintenance once the presses themselves are locked.


Main benefits:

Minimum downtime

Duyvis Wiener cocoa pressing machines are made of top grade materials. Their sturdy design ensures minimal maintenance is required even after a decade of extensive use.

Maximum cost-efficiency

Duyvis Wiener high capacity cocoa pressing machines optimise production: making them the most cost-effective cocoa pressing solutions available.

Easy to clean

Our cocoa pressing machines are easy to keep scrupulously clean. The smooth surfaces emphasised by their design, are produced with bacteriological hygiene in mind.

Optimum performance due to standardisation

Standardisation of all machines right down to the smallest component ensures the best performance.

Top-class support for guaranteed continuity

A customer-focused approach ensures that all Royal Duyvis Wiener customers experience the best after-sales service: including technical support and the rapid delivery of standardised spare components.

Emphasis on safety

Safety is a top priority for our cocoa pressing machines. The operator is always protected, and it is nearly impossible to damage the machine itself.



Cocoa Pressing

  • Global standard
  • Ajustable pressing cycles
  • Minimal downtime
  • Most cost-efficient
  • Excellent support for guaranteed continuity