The Beater Blade Mill for efficient cocoa grinding

Our approach to the cocoa grinding process is to keep it as simple as possible whilst paying close attention to every single detail. Every cocoa-grinding machine we produce at Royal Duyvis Wiener is designed with these principles in mind, and the RDW Beater Blade Mill is no different.
The cocoa grinding process begins by feeding cocoa nibs into the chamber via a screw. Grinding knives then commence their work. The knives used during the cocoa grinding process are made from hardened steel, so they stand the test of time. The ground material then leaves the machine through a specially designed sieve. The sieve on the cocoa grinding machine can be adjusted. Making it possible, to alter the fineness of the final product during the cocoa grinding process.


Accurate temperature control during the cocoa grinding process

The management of temperature is paramount during cocoa grinding process. Grinding nibs in large volumes requires large amounts of energy. The heat produced during the cocoa grinding process must be managed very carefully. The airflow within the cocoa-grinding machine is controlled accurately in order to stabilise the temperature. The innovative technology used in a Royal Duyvis Wiener cocoa grinding machine ensures the cooling process does not, in any way, degrade the product.


Further stages of the cocoa grinding process

The next stage of cocoa grinding involves a rotating shaft with agitator arms. The shaft rotates in a vertical grinding tank filled with steel balls. All of the elements in the cocoa-grinding machine operate in the same direction but all work at different speeds. We have perfected this stage of the cocoa grinding process, so the best results are achieved whilst saving energy. Our cocoa-grinding machine utilises a uniquely designed vessel, an optimised pin configuration, and ideal parameter controls to deliver the best product possible.


Turnkey test lines for the cocoa grinding process

The turnkey options available from Royal Duyvis Wiener are designed to make the production of cocoa grinding simple and efficient. A cocoa-grinding machine designed and manufactured to our standards will deliver higher capacities and the very best quality.
The cocoa grinding process can be customised with different sized tanks, with the option for lobe or gear pumps, and the inclusion of platforms. We believe that the best cocoa-grinding machine should last for decades, and Royal Duyvis Wiener is committed to guarantee our customers, a lifetime of successful cocoa grinding.


Main benefits:

  • High capacities are possible
  • Our cocoa grinding solution is the most efficient on the market today
  • An adjustable sieve means the fineness can be altered throughout the cocoa grinding process
  • All moving parts of our cocoa grinding technologies are made with high-grade materials
  • The cocoa grinding process can be customised with tanks, platforms, and pumps
  • Our cocoa grinding solutions come fully tested and delivered on skids, so our customers can begin the cocoa grinding process right away!



Cocoa Liquor Grinding

  • Efficient cocoa grinding process
  • Maximum capacity and product quality
  • Complete turnkey tested lines on skid