Filtering, tempering, filling and packing all-in-one!

Royal Duyvis Wiener complete production line for packing tempered liquid cocoa and butter into cardboard cartons, is our complete solution for the efficient filtering, tempering, filling and packing of liquid cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.

Our installations are fully equipped with pump, pre-cooler, intermediate tank and discharge pump and include: the actual butter/liquor tempering machine, filling system, weighing and conveying system – all fitted with electrical controls.


Cocoa butter filter

Cocoa butter, when pressed, is never totally free of solids. Royal Duyvis Wiener offers an easy, clean, and closed system that runs continuously and automatically.

The butter is pumped into the filter tank. When full, the solids form a film on the filter cloths while the butter is pumped through the candles. These solids then form the filter layer. When properly formed the butter can be pumped through continuously. Depending on how much solid is present in the butter, this filtering continues until the resistance through the filter becomes too high.


A completely clear butter flow

Our inspection glasses and clarity measurement provide a completely clear butter flow. Royal Duyvis Wiener butter/liquor tempering machines ensure butter can be directly fed into the next step, for example the deodoriser. When the layer of solids becomes too thick, solids are automatically ‘backwashed’ into the tank outlet. This filtering process is then continued or repeated. When the maximum amount of solids in the tank is reached, solids are dumped and pumped back to the grinding area. Once the tank is empty, the entire filtering process is repeated. This process ensures a continuous flow of crystal-clear butter with minimum downtime.

Capacities are available from 1,000 to 4,000 kg/h.


Always the correct capacity

Royal Duyvis Wiener’s production line for tempered liquid cocoa and butter – lets you select the correct capacity for packing. For cocoa butter 1,000 and 4,000 kg/hr, and 500 kg/hr to 2,000 kg/hr for cocoa liquor.


A professional Process

All phases of the filtering, tempering, filling, and packing processes are closely harmonized: from pre-cooling and tempering, to filling, weighing and conveying. As a result, you benefit from a swift, cost saving, and efficient component in your overall production process.


Main Benefits:

  • Optimum tempering of butter/liquor for filling
  • Exact filling weight for cardboard cartons
  • No spillage of butter/liquor
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate and flexible usage.



Cocoa butter filter liquor blocking line

  • Complete solution for filtering, tempering, filling and packing
  • Optimum tempering of butter/liquor for filling
  • Always the correct capacity
  • A professional process