Cocoa Processing

High-performance, reliable fat mass system of compact modular design.

  • High flexibility
  • Optimal grinding result
  • Convenient operation
  • Very easy to clean

High-performance, reliable fat mass system of

compact modular design.


With the acquisition of F.B. Lehmann, Royal Duyvis Wiener has expanded its comprehensive range of principles, methods, and procedures for operating cocoa processing plants. Regardless of size of the chocolate processing plant in question, our combined experience and knowledge in the world of industrial innovative chocolate and cocoa processing machines, guarantee products of the highest quality.

Turnkey Solutions

An integral part of a chocolate processing plant involves the feeding, cleaning and weigh of cocoa beans.

Cocoa Bean Processing

Several tailor made solutions are available for the feeding of cocoa beans from trucks, big bags or jute bags.

Cocoa Liquor Grinding

Our approach to the cocoa grinding process involves keeping it as simple as possible whilst paying close attention to every single detail.

Cocoa Pressing

Our cocoa butter press machine truly excels in terms of its sustainability and efficiency.

Cocoa Powder Processing

Our new crystallisation process prevents the formation of unstable crystals by employing lowered temperatures.

Cocoa butter filter – liquor

Our complete solution for the efficient filtering, tempering, filling and packing of liquid cocoa butter and cocoa liquor.


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